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Facing Fear 8-14

Chapter 8






Spike finally released Xander's lips and shot an irritated expression at Willow.


“Um, we're here.”

“How can we be here?  We just left.”

“No.  Ten minutes ago we left.  Now.  We are here.”


Spike turned back Xander and flashed him a wicked grin.

“Time flies, eh, pet?”

Xander stared in an almost trance at Spike's glistening lips.


“You guys!! For goodness sake, it's time to snap out of it.  We need to find the nest, preferably before the spell wares off.”

Willow flapped her hand at the two men.

“You'll have plenty of time for…… man on man touching later.”

“Yeah, course.  Right then. C'mon, pet.  Time to go. Need a hand?”

“Oh yeah…..I mean, ahem, I could use a little help.  My legs have gone to sleep.”

Spike climbed out of the car and carefully pulled Xander with him.  Spike propped him against the car and used his body to keep the human upright.

All Xander could think about was that kiss, that epic, mind-blowing, leg shaking, tornado causing, sock rocking, flamingo shooting, fire breathing……..shit, he just had to feel those lips again.

“Ok, luv? Think you can walk to thmwph……”

Xander tangled his arms inside Spike's duster, tugged the blond impossibly closer and kissed him urgently.

Willow rolled her eyes



“Hey!  C'mon, guys. Quit it.”


“Look, let's just find the spider and get this over with.  You can grope *all* the way home if you like.  I'll even turn the radio up so you can make squishy, lip smacky, moany noises.”


“Oh for the love of Selena!  If you two don't pack that in, *right now* I'll magic your bits and bobs together…….for all eternity……that would be very uncomfortable………..come on!”

Willow tried not to look at where Xander's hands were roaming as she tried a different tactic.  She put on her sweetest voice.

“We can get pizza and beer on the way home.”

The two men separated and spoke at the same time.

“Did someone say pizza?”

“Did someone say beer?”

“I did.  Now, get with the program boys or they'll be no after spider treats for anyone.”

“Yeah, alright.  Let's do this thing.  C'mon, pet.  We'll have you well again in a jiffy.”

Spike reached out and took Xander's hand, leading him away from the car and into the woods.

“ASSSPPPOOOO! Where exactly are we going? Sorry to keep asking.  My memory is a bit wonky.”

“We are going back to the spider nest, the bush I pushed you into, remember?”

“Kinda. What sort of spider is it? Is it big?”

“I forget the name, luv. And err, yeah, it's sort of, err kind of……sizable”

“It's not a tarantula is it?  Cos, I had a bad experience with one at a zoo once, it just jumped….”

Spike interrupted.

“Yeah, you said earlier.”

“I did? Hm.  My memory is a bit wonky.”

“Yeah, you said that too.”

Spike suddenly had a horrible thought.  What if Xander forgot about what had just happened?  What he forgot about their wonderful kisses?  Suddenly, the thought of a three yard spider wasn't nearly as terrifying as the thought that Xander would forget about their kissage.  

“There it is!”

Xander pointed and Spike jumped half a mile into the air.  Spider terror? All present and correct.








Willow held up a hand to Xander before he could continue to repeat himself.

“I think Xander means the bush.”

Spike glanced around suspiciously and brushed all the invisible, non-existent spiders from his body.

“You sure?”

“Positive.  Use your eyes, Spike.  There is the bush, and do you see a giant three yard demon spider?”

Xander stood to attention.

“Huh? What was that?”

Willow helpfully repeated herself more clearly.

“Giant three yard demon spider”

“Oh.  Thought that was what you said. Three yards, eh?”

Willow nodded.

“Demon spider, eh?”

Willow nodded.

“And why exactly are we here?”

“To get you the antidote.”

“How exactly?”

“We have to kill the spider and you have to drink her blood.”

Xander laughed loudly and promptly keeled over sideways.

Spike looked down at his unconscious friend and sighed.

“I know the feeling, mate.”

Chapter 9

Xander leant back against a tree and tried to make sense of the situation.  Not an easy task when you felt like shit, your nose was bunged up and you can't stop staring at a certain vampire's tight, firm ass.

“Are you ok?” Willow asked, pity apparent in her concerned voice.

“Dandy.  You?”

“I'm fine.  I think Spike might be quite close to a freak out, though.”

Xander looked over at Spike and focused on his behaviour rather than his backside.

Spike was creeping though the undergrowth, searching for any signs of the spider.  Every so often he shrieked and jumped back as if he'd been hit with a massive electric shock.  After realising that he'd only been startled by a bush or a pile of leaves he would straighten his duster, go back to searching and start the electric shock ritual all over again.

“I guess we should help him, huh?”

“That's my little soldier.”

Xander glared

“Erm, can I take that back and replace it with something more appropriately manly?”

“Yes please”

“Um, ok…..go Xan go?.......Shall we just go help Spike?”



Spike whistled and sung a sweet little calling to the demon spider

“Here spider, spider, spider.  Come and get an axe in your gut.”



Spike stumbled back and clutched at his heart.

“Bleedin' hell, pet.  Give a guy some warning!”

“Sorry.  I just wondered if you needed a hand.”

“Yeah, a hand is just what I need.”

A cheeky grin formed over both faces and Xander closed the distance between them, placing a hand onto Spike's chest and trailing it down towards a suspicious bulge.

“And where exactly do you need it?”

“A little lower would be just fine…….”

Willow stepped out, seemingly from nowhere, and slapped both men on the back of their heads.



“Pack. It. In.  Now I'm going over here to do a locator spell and you two are going to keep your eyes peeled, search the immediate area, and make sure the Brocclicai doesn't creep up on us”

Both men agreed, but when Willow turned her back, Spike grabbed Xander by his jacket and pulled him behind a tree, steeling a deep kiss while he was at it.

“Mmmm, shouldn't…..we…..be……helping?” Xander asked between kisses that made his knees turn wobbly.

Spike lifted Xander's shirt and slid his hands inside.

“Nope…..we'll…..help when Willow……has done….the locator spell…..mmmm, bloody hell, pet, you *have* been working out!”

Xander felt a shiver pass through him as Spike skimmed an appreciative hand across his chest.

“Mm-huh……Twice a day.”

Spike released Xander's lips and left a trail of kisses down him jaw, settling and sucking on an exposed throat.

“Very nice, pet.”

Xander gasped as an enquiring hand tweaked at an attentive nipple.

“Th-thank you. Mmmm, don't stop that.”

“I won't”

“Stop that.”


Spike looked up and Xander grasped his jaw and turned his head to the side.

“What the fuck is that?”

“Wot? I don't see nothin'”

“There.  Sticking out from behind that tree. What the fuck is it?”

Spike spotted what Xander was referring to and shrugged.

“Looks like some kind of leg.  Now, where were we?”

“A leg?!!??!! What sort of leg?”

“Spider leg, of course.  Big one too……..hang on…….”

That night was to become known as the night that scared away all the birds. The ear-splitting shriek was heard for miles around.  Children buried themselves deeper under their covers, the religious prayed and the old took solace in an extra hot chocolate before bed.

Willow poked her head around the tree

“Guys? What's going on?”

Spike hopped around like he was on hot coals and finally bounced behind Xander.

“What do you think is going on? Bloody demon spider!!”

Xander backed up, pushing himself and Spike away from the arachnid appendage.

“It's there Willow, behind that tree.”
“It can't be! I've just done the locator spell.  The mother Brocclicai is about half a mile from here.”

“I bloody can't be.  It's over there!”

Spike stayed firmly behind Xander and pointed frantically.

Willow squinted and walked closer.

“Where? I don't see it”

Xander joined in with the distanced pointing game.

“Right there, by that tree. You can just see its leg poking out.”

Willow cautiously moved closer before turning back towards the cowering men with an exasperated expression.

“That's not a spider leg.”

Spike hesitated, debating whether he should at least start pretending that he was brave.

“Wot is it then?”

“It's a fallen branch.”


“It is!”

Xander braved it and crept a little closer.

“Um, upon closer inspection, I think Willow might be right.  It does look kind of……branch like.”

Spike still debated at whether or not it was time for bravery…….He settled for indignation instead.

“A branch.  Soddin' hell.  What bloody idiot put a branch in the middle of a…………Oh, yeah.  Right then.”

Willow cleared her throat and spoke firmly.  It was time to pull this platoon into shape.

“Forget the branch.  Anyone……well, only two men more intent on groping than observing, could have made that mistake.  Now, we are going in this direction, the spider is coming towards us, so we should meet up with her real soon.  Get your weapons ready….”

Spike and Xander smirked

“…and please get your minds out of the gutter.  Xander, you will walk this side of me.  Spike, you will walk on that side.  Their will be no touching, dirty talk or sniggering.  If you don't behave then I will be forced to punish you…..in a bad way.  Now let's go.”

They managed to walk without a word for approximately three minutes before Spike broke the silence.

“Hmm.  Nice night for a………”


Chapter 10

“My feet ache.”

“Mine too, pet.  Got back ache an' all. Must be this bloody axe.  `eavy it is.”

“Mine's *really* heavy.  You'd think they would make them lighter.  It's so stupid to make them this heavy. How are people supposed to carry them?  It would be fine if we were all built like the hulk…….I wonder what it would be like to be the hulk?......Kind of green I suppose…..and hulky.  My feet ache.”

“Aww, pet.  I'll rub `em better when we get back.”



Xander smiled.  It was a happy contented smile.

“Bet the hulk never got foot rubs”

Spike shuddered.

“Not surprising really. Who'd wanna touch his cheesy old feet?”

“I'll rub your back later.  If it's still achy….and you know, if you want me too.”

Spike suddenly became a little shy.

“Yeah, I want…….if you want to that is.”

“Course I want to, but only if you do.”

“Course I do…..as long as you're ok with it.”

“Oh I'm ok with it, really ok with it…..Are you ok with it?”

“Yeah, course I am.....As long as you're…….”

“Oh Goddess! I think we have established that you both want to touch each other.  Geez!”

Silence descended.  But not for long

“Give a great all over massage, I do.  Give you a demonstration if you'd like…..If you want to….”

“Give me strength” Willow muttered as she gave up and let the new lovers whitter on.

They walked for about another five minutes before Willow heard a noise coming from one of the bushes


Willow flapped at the two men to quiet down and stay put while she crept forward to investigate a strange rustling noise.  Xander and Spike gladly obeyed and stayed way back.  They clung to each other like two naked Eskimos and watched as Willow peered around a particularly large tree.

“A-anything?” Spike asked

“Something.  Something is here.  I can hear it.  Get ready guys…..I think….AHHHHHH!!”

Willow screamed.  Spike ran in a little circle.  Xander wished he'd never gotten out of bed.

“What is it?! Is it the spider? Spike, stop that!”

Spike stopped running and stared into the thick undergrowth.

“Can't see anything.  Stay there, luv.”

Spike rushed forward and grabbed the fallen witch, quickly lifting and pulling her away from the large tree.

“Oi, Red. Wake up, ducks.  C'mon, babe, could do without you being out for the count.”

Willow sat bolt upright and screamed again.


Spike and Xander flinched and looked at each other with fear and confusion.

“Willow? It me, Xander.  Are you ok? What did you see? Was it the spider?”

Willow stood quickly and brushed herself down.

“Erm. No.  No Spider.  Shall we keep going?”

“Hang on just a bloody minute.  We wanna know what you saw?”

“I-I-I can't…..say it…..it's too……horrible.”

Xander had a feeling that he knew what his friend had seen. He held the tops of her arms and stared deeply and sympathetically into her eyes.

“Wills? Was it a Kermit?”

Willow swallowed hard and nodded.

“Y-yes and I just want to forget about it.  I can't think about it now.  Can we just go?”

“Sure thing Wills.”

Willow cautiously went on ahead and Spike approached Xander with a look of confused bewilderment on his face.

“A Kermit?”

“Frog.  Willow is terrified of them.  She can't even *say* Frog.”

“Blimey. And here I was, thinking *I* was the only fruit and nut case.”

Xander grinned

“She's the nut.  You're the fruit.”

“Watch it, pet.  You're not too old to go over my knee, you know.”

“That's good to hear.  But I think we'd better save the spanking for later.  Willow's freaked.  We should go make sure she's ok.”

Spike agreed and they had to jog to catch up with Willow.  The witch suddenly stopped and Spike and Xander applied their emergency brakes before they ploughed straight into her.

“Wot? Is there sommit here?  It's not another bloody fro…..”

Xander elbowed Spike in the ribs before he could say the forbidden word.

“Ow! Err…It's not another Kermit is it?” Spike said as he rolled his eyes.

“No!  But…..Do you guys get the feeling that we're being watched?”

“No, I didn't.  I bloody do now. Thanks very much!”

Xander looked up and pointed.

“I think it might be up there somewhere? I'm sure I can see…..something.”

“Bugger me, I hope not.”

“Wills? Can you do another locator spell?” Xander asked, uneasily.

“Can do.  But you two keep an eye out.  And I *mean* it this time.  The spider must be close, so no touchy feely? Got it?”

“Check. No gropage.  Got it.”


“Yeah alright, alright.  I'll keep my hands to myself…..for now.”


A bush rustled in the distance and Spike quickly took up a fighting stance, swinging his axe in the air and vamping out.  The bush rustled again and a family of oversized frogs hopped happily out from under it.  Spike lowered his weapon and glanced over his shoulder at Willow.  She hadn't noticed.  That was good.  Just let the hoppy little critters jump away and there will be no need for panic.

Xander stood on the other side of the small clearing.  It was getting difficult to hold on to his axe, his hands were sweating and he was starting to feel weak again.  He let the weapon slip down to his side and prayed that he wouldn't have to heave it back up in the next few minutes.  

After further consideration, Xander decided it would be good to be the hulk right now.  He could definitely sacrifice a foot rub for a little strength.  He glanced over at Willow.  She was still in the middle of her locator spell.  He glanced instead at Spike and tried ignore the urge to fling himself on top of the vampire and find some delicious way to assault him.  

In front of Spike, a clan of very large frogs hopped passed and one side of Xander's brain wondered if Willow even knew that you could get frogs that big and the other side of his brain just hoped that Willow wouldn't notice them.  It surely couldn't be good for a witch to freak out right in the middle of a spell. Someone could get their private bits levitated off.

The frogs hopped out of sight and both men breathed a sigh of relief.

“You alright over there, pet?”

“Uh-huh.  Just getting a bit tired. Funny how it just creeps up on you….the tiredness I mean, not the spider.”

Spike walked over to Xander and wrapped a strong arm around him.

“Sit down for a minute, yeah? I'll keep watch”

“Don't wanna sit.  Want you to kiss me.”

Spike leaned in and kissed a trail up Xander's neck.

“Not a problem. You keep watch then. Don't want nothin' nasty creeping up on us.”

Xander exposed his neck further and looked up towards the tree tops, trying to look out for anything that looked leggy.

“Mmm…tasty, pet.” Spike purred as he licked at an earlobe and slid his hands back inside Xander's shirt.

“Can't wait to see you, luv.  Naked and laid out.  Just for me.”

Xander lowered his hands and squeezed at a denim clad ass cheek.

“God, Spike. I just want you to take me and fu…………”

Willow stood and interrupted.

“No time for that.  She's here.  Xander was right.  She's somewhere above us.”

Chapter 11

“Bleeding, sodding, buggering fuck!”

“Um, I'll second that.” Xander said as he desperately walked around the clearing, craning his head up towards the sky.

“And I'll see you a bleeding, sodding, buggering fuck and I'll raise you a bollocking, fucking hell.”

If it wasn't for all the panicking, Spike and Xander would have been shocked at Willow's outburst.

“Where the bloody hell is she? I can't sodding see her.  Wait, what's that?”

Xander gripped tightly to Spike's duster.

“What? Where?!”


Willow squinted up at the tree top.

“That's a…..that's a….that's part of the tree.”

“You sure?”

“I'm positive.  Look we all need to calm down.  Has everyone got there weapons ready?”


“Xander? Xander, what about you? Are you ready?”

“Um, uh-huh, I guess.”

Xander's voice sounded weak and Willow turned sharply to face him.

“Xander? Are you ok?”

Spike whirled around.

“Pet? You alright?”


“Oh god, Spike, I think the spell is wearing off.”

As Willow spoke, Xander's legs failed him and he fell into Spike's Arms.

“Fucking shit. Xan, baby, can you still hear me?”

Xander's eyes slipped shut and his body became limp.  Spike lowered him to the ground and hugged him tightly.

“Oh god, Spike.  Is he ok?”

“He's still breathing, Red, if that's what you mean.”

Spike looked up and fixed Willow with a desperate, tear filled expression.

“We gotta be quick, Red.  I can't lose him.  I just bloody found him for Christ sakes.”

As Willow tried to comfort the emotional vampire, she failed to notice the great big, black, three yard demon spider as it crawled down the tree behind them.

“You won't lose him.  *We* won't lose him.  C'mon, Spike.  Get that axe at the ready.  Xander really needs you to be strong now.  You have to be brave.  You have to face your fear.”

Spike nodded and buried his face in Xander's hair.

“Yeah, I can do this.  For you Xan.  Only for you.”

Xander managed to pry his eyes open and smile.

“Spike” He said weakly. “I believe in you, Spike.  You can do this. Just look inside your………spider…”

“Yeah, pet…..eh?”

Xander's eyes widened and he started to shake.

“S-sp-sp-spider! B-behind you.”

Spike and Willow Slowly turned around.  The spider had crawled all the way down the tree and was standing still as a statue on the ground.  Its big beady eyes were fixed on them with an expression of evil and malevolence.  Eight furry legs stood tall in an upturned v, the peaks of them towering a good yard above its giant bulbous black and red body.  Razor sharp fangs hung from its jaws like two scimitars, gleaming under the moonlight and holding a promise of painful death.  And the worst part?  It was breathing. Harsh, deep pants of air gusting loudly from its deadly jaws.

Spike vomited.

Xander didn't quite manage to duck out the way as Spike's spilled his guts.  He weakly shuffled back, only stopping when a tree blocked his way.

“Spike! I can't move….I can't fight…..help me.”

“Shit and fuck. Red, do sommit! Mojo the bloody thing!”

“She's impervious, Spike”

“Well that's very nice to know.  I'm very happy for it.  Now get with the sodding mojo!”

Willow huffed.  As much as she loved her boys, she'd had quite enough of the both of them for one night.

“I can't.  My magic won't touch her.  She's *resistant* to it.”


“Just because.”

“But why?”

“I don't know!  Why don't you call her over and ask!”

If the situation hadn't been quite so dire, Spike would have been tempted to sulk.  Xander groaned from the ground and struggled to keep sitting up.


Time for bravery?

“Hang on, pet……Is it staring? ………….Why is it just staring?............Oi! Stop bloody staring!!”

Not quite.

“Willow?.....I know you said three yards.  In fact, you said it several times.  But I don't think I fully understood quite how big three yards was.”

“Neither did I.”

“Right then.  It ain't moving, so I suggest that we go on the attack.  Get the upper hand.  Go for the kill.  Charge it.  Get right in there.  Get In the thick of it.  On the offensive.”

Willow nodded nervously and swung her sword up ready.

“Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok.”


“Sorry…..How do we do this?”

“Err………Easy!  We run straight at it.  Surprise it with a frontal attack.”

“Erm, Spike? I hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think she is expecting us to attack from behind.”

“Right.  Good point.  What do you suggest, then?”

“Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um. Um.”


“Sorry……..I can't think of anything.  You think.  You're the violent one?”

“Me?! What about you?  I saw you lose your temper with that packet of biscuits yesterday.  Bloody scary it was.”

Willow was affronted.

“Those biscuits weren't playing fair!  I tried to open them nicely for a good twenty minutes.  I had to get rough!”


“Hang on, pet……”

“You said that last time.  Look, I'd help if I could, but I can't even stand up.”

Xander was getting quite upset now.  He felt like crap, he was covered in vamp vomit and his ass was getting cold.  

Spike heard Xander's distress and he realised that it was time to act.  His newfound lover was getting weaker by the second.  He had to do something now.  He had to kill the spider and feed its blood to Xander before it was too late.

Spike raised his axe.

“Right then. Right then. Right then. Right then. Right then. Right then. Right then. Right then. Right then……………..”

Chapter 12

“After three, Willow.”


“Three, two……”

“Hang on, hang on.  Shouldn't it be, one, two three.  Not three, two, one.”

Spike paused to genuinely think about it.  After a moment he shook his head.

“Does it bloody matter?”


“Bloody hell, woman. Alright then. After three.  One, two…….”

“Wait! Are going on the three?”

“Eh? No.  We are going to count to three and then go on the count of fifty…….Course we're bloody going on the three!”

“I meant, is it one, two, three, go, or one, two, then go on the *count* of three?”

“Erm…….err……I don't bloody know! You start us off, then.”

“Ok, Ok, Ok. Ready…..steady…….”

“For fucks sake, Willow.  This ain't a soddin' race!”

Xander stumbled to his feet and tried in vein to lift his axe.

“If you two aren't going to kill that thing any time soon, then I'm going to have to……Eeep.”

Xander got the axe a few feet of the ground before he fell back onto his ass.

Spike rushed over and squatted next to him.

 “Luv, no.  Stay back and stay still.”

“I can't.  What if the spider comes over here?  What if she attacks me?”

“She won't get anywhere near you, pet.  I'll see to it.”

Spike dragged Xander behind a tree and left him with kiss.  He walked back Willow and fixed her with firm fearless look.

“Let's do this.  Can't let her get near Xan.”

Willow nodded.  Resolve face stapled, taped, tacked, and glued firmly on.

“To the death!…….of her, that is.”

Spike rolled his eyes.

“Right then.  You run round to the left and distract her.  When she turns around I'm gonna jump on her back and hack her fucking brains out.”

“Got it. Distract. Jump. Hack brains out.”

Spike turned towards the spider and took a deep breath.


Willow didn't hesitate.  It was now or never, they both knew that.  She ran to the left of the spider and screamed like a wild banshee.

“Ahhhhhhh!!! Over here! Over here! Come and get it you….you….you…oversized….hairy……lump of…..creepy…..spider!”

The spider ignored her and stared at Spike.  Willow continued to shout.

“Hey! I said I'm over here!  C'mon! What are you? Chicken?!”

Willow flapped her elbows and made sounds like a crazy chicken.

“Bock, bock, bockerrrr.  C'mon, chicken features! Bockerrrr, bockerrrr, bock, bock.”

The spider seemed to frown and it turned its weighty body towards the bouncing witch.

This was it.  This was his chance.  Spike risked one brief look over his shoulder to make sure that Xander was still out of sight, then he charged.  His lungs and chest filled up and expelled a scream of fear and fury that would make even the most confident demon quake in its boots.  When he was close enough, Spike launched himself off the ground and landed squarely on the spider's back.  

The Brocclicai stopped in its tracks, confused by the sudden weight on its back.  

Willow, being a bright girl, ran away.  She needed to keep the spider on its eight toes.  It was best that the Brocclicai didn't know where she was, and therefore where the next attack was coming from.  She headed around to the right side of the spider.

Spike, meanwhile, was getting well and truly stuck in.  There was to be no playing.  No toying.  No smart remarks or puns.  He was going to finish this and finish this fast.  He raised the axe and smashed it down as hard as he could.  He lifted the weapon again and did the same. The spider bucked and thrashed, but Spike managed to stay firmly on top.  He hammered repeatedly at the bulbous body, each blow becoming more brutal and more furious with every strike.  The creature's blood began to flow as the axe finally broke through the surface of the hairy, leathery skin.  

The creature shrieked in pain, braced its legs and shook like a dog fresh out of water.  Spike tried to keep his balance, but after only a couple of seconds, the spider shook him free.  

Spike landed on the floor with a hefty thump and it took him a moment to register that he had just been thrown and was now lying on floor, vulnerable and exposed.  He shook his head to clear the murky fog from his dazed brain and looked up to see a mammoth pair of fangs soaring down towards his chest.  He possibly would have screamed, but he really didn't have time.  He closed his eyes, waited for the searing pain that he knew was coming, and prayed that he would live long enough to help Xander.

Chapter 13

Xander watched in horror as Spike flew from the top of the spider and crashed heavily to the ground.  He saw the creature pivot around and he screamed Spike's name as the spider closed in on his vampire and raised its fangs ready for attack.  Xander tried to move.  He willed his arms and legs to lift him from the ground and save Spike from the agony that was coming.  Or death? Was Spike going to survive this? Xander screamed out Spike's name again and his cry morphed into a defeated sob of frustration as his limbs refused to obey the desperate signals from his brain.  Xander did the only thing he could.  He closed his eyes and blocked the world out.  He couldn't bear to watch his lover die so painfully.


Willow ran a full circle around the demon spider.  Her panicking had reached an interesting level and her chicken impression had turned decidedly headless.  She heard Xander scream Spike's name and her skin shivered with goose bumps at the blood curdling sound.  She looked desperately around and spotted Spike lying on his back on the ground.  The spider raised its fangs and plunged them towards the vampire's chest.


Time seamed to slow down and Willow felt herself build with anger and power.  Her hair blackened, as did her eyes, her lips and her fingernails.  She raised her axe and charged, screaming a cry of war and intended death.  Time continued to tick past at an ultra slow pace and Willow's feet left the ground as her magic lifted her inside an orange swirl of ancient power.  When she was close enough she swung the axe and sliced it through one of the spider's legs.


The air was filled with a deafening roar and Spike instinctively opened his eyes.  The Brocclicai was screaming.  It twisted in pain and its fangs missed Spike by a fraction of an inch.  Spike shuffled back and tried to get to his feet, but the creature turned sharply back towards him.  The Brocclicai's fangs descended again and Spike was unable to get away.  As the fangs soared closer, the creature screamed and twisted again.  Spike tried to duck backwards as the Brocclicai was distracted but the tip of one fang scraped painfully across his chest.

Spike desperately tried to shuffle away towards his axe that lay just a few feet away.

The enraged spider roared and tried to attack again.  As it crawled towards Spike it screamed and twisted again.  

Spike was beginning to sense a pattern.  He stayed still this time and watched with confusion as the spider roared, screamed and twisted yet again. And again.  And again.  This happened a total of eight times and by the eighth occurrence the creature was a limbless blob rocking and screeching on the ground.

Spike stood and watched Willow float into his sight.

“Oi! Red! Thought you said this bloody thing couldn't be affected by magic?” He shouted

Willow smiled with blackened lips.

“It can't.  But *I* can”

Spike nodded, suitably impressed by Willow's demonic leg hacking.

“Spike.  Get Xander over here.  It's time.”

“But it ain't dead!”

“It will be”

Willows voice was cracked and heavy, and Spike truly believed that the creature only had seconds to live.  Best get out the way then.

Spike ran to Xander and pulled the groggy boy into his arms.

“Xan? Luv? You still with me, pet?”

“Mrph, hmm. S-Spike?”

“Yeah, s'me.”

Xander's eyes widened as much as they could considering he was nearly unconscious.

“You're not dead?”

“No. Well…..technically yes, was already dead.  But I'm not a pile of dust, if that's what you mean?”

“Saw…you.  Was…scared…….thought…..”

“Shhh, pet.  I'm fine, see? Big bad here, remember?”

“Mmmm….Hey, you're bleeding.”

“S'nothing.  Just a scratch.”

A lie.  It wasn't anything to worry about admittedly, but he was going to need some blood to help him heal.


“Red's fine.  She's just…err…finishing up.”

Both men cocked their heads and listened to the sound of a witch *finishing up*


Willow's voice turned back to its normal sweet tone and she called out to her friends.

“I'm all done now!”

Spike turned around to look at Willow and he didn't know whether he should laugh or run away.

Willow was smiling and was covered head to toe in thick black spiders blood.  She looked like a little girl that had fallen into a vat of……erm….well, blood, obviously

“C'mon! Quick guys.  Xander has to drink. Quickly!”

“Right. C'mon, you. Got some tasty spider's blood to get down yer.”

“No….Euuww….don't wanna!”

The next few moments went something like this…………

Spike reasoned.  Xander refused.  Spike lifted.  Xander squirmed.  Spike tightened his grip.  Xander whined.  Spike insisted.  Xander bit him.  Spike cursed. Xander apologised.  Spike accepted.  Xander complained. Spike begged. Xander argued. Spike dragged him.

“Right then.  Drink up, pet, and we can all go home.”

Xander wrinkled his nose.

“Xander, please! You have to. It will only take a second.  Just a couple of mouthfuls and it's done, then you and Spike can go make kissy noises.”

Xander looked at Spike, his expression as pitiful as a baby seal.

“C'mon, pet. Please.”

That was it.  That was the last time that Spike was prepared to ask.  If Xander refused again, Spike was prepared to take drastic action.  He was going to pin Xander to the ground and force the damn blood down his throat.  He was not going to waste more time.  Not after they had been through so much and not now that they had found each other.  Spike was very much looking forward getting to know Xander in a different way.  He was looking forward to going out as a couple.  He was looking forward to snuggling on the couch, and he was looking forward to touching, feeling and learning every inch of Xander's body.

The bloody brat was going to drink that buggering blood, even if he had to pull teeth to do it.  Spike readied himself.

“Ok.” Said Xander

“Right! That's it! You will bloody drink……hang on….repeat that.”

“I said Ok.  I don't wanna die, and besides, how bad can it taste?”

Willow pulled a face and shuddered.

“Euuww.  Pretty bad, I would think.  Ick.”

“Willow!” Spike hissed


Xander sighed and swayed in Spike's arms.

“It's ok……just…can we…..flmph”

Xander sagged and Spike gently lowered him to the ground.

“Lets do this then…….err…..how do we do this?”

Willow held up a confident finger

“Ahh!” She cried, pulling an object triumphantly out of her blood covered pocket.

“What's that?”

“It's a straw.”

“A straw?  You often keep straws in your pocket?”

“No.  It's what I went back to Xander's apartment for earlier, while you two were snuggling in the car.”

“Good thinking, Batwoman.”

Spike half dragged a nearly asleep Xander closer the spider and snatched the straw from Willow.  With satisfaction he plunged the straw into the spiders bloody carcass.

“There you are, pet.  Suck on that.”

Xander giggled.

“Thought….you'd never ask.”

Willow snorted.

Spike huffed.

“It's like hanging out with a couple of kids, sometimes.”

The kids giggled.

“Oi! C'mon.  Get serious.  Xander.  Drink.  Now.”

Xander complied and leant forward.  He screwed his eyes shut tight, took the straw in his mouth and sucked.

Spike and Willow stood either side with icky faces, supporting Xander as he drank.  They looked at each other and exchanged `rather him than me' looks.

Willow rubbed at Xander's back and tried to ease him back.

“That's it Xander.  That should be enough………Xander, you can stop now……..you can stop now……hello? Xanderrrr? Have you gone deaf or just a little crazy?”

Willow looked at Spike with a bemused expression.

“Bloody hell.  Xander, stop!”

Spike reached out and yanked Xander back.


“What yer bloody doin'?”

“It tasted good.”


Willow stood and walked away.

“Pet? What did it taste like?”

Xander licked his lips and thought about it.

“Ummmm, it's kinda fruity.  A bit like blackberry.”

Spike hesitated for no more than a second before he dived on the straw.

“Blackberry!  Gotta get me some of this!”

He sucked up three wonderful mouthfuls before he realised that he'd forgotten something.

“Luv? How do you feel?”

Chapter 14

Xander woke with a yawn and tried to wok out where he was.  He opened his eyes and squinted around the room, his room, his apartment.  His eyes finally settled on a pale body sitting under the covers with him.


“Eh, you're awake! Feeling good, luv?”

Xander paused and thought about it.  He did feel good.  He felt better than good.  He felt fantastic.  His limbs weren't achy anymore.  He didn't feel tired and most of all, he didn't feel like he was about to die.

“I feel really great, Spike.  But what about you?  You got hurt.”

“Don't worry about me, pet.  I'm just fine.”

“But the spider, it got you.”

Xander indicated the long, angry, red wound that stretched across Spike's bare chest.

“S'nothing. Paper cut.”

“But what about the poison………?”

“Shhh, pet.  Red says only the babies are poisonous.”

“Are you sure?”

“When Is Willow ever wrong?”

“Well, there was that time at the toy store with the stuffed pig and that time with the rubber glove and that horse.  Then there was the time when we were all at that fair and that bloke with the big nose said that…………”

“Ok, ok, I get your point.  But she's not wrong about this.”

Xander sat up and sighed out his relief.

“I thought….God, Spike, I thought that I was gonna lose you.”

“Thought the same thing about you, pet.  But I guess we still got each other, yeah?”


Xander smiled and his lips suddenly looked like they needed kissing.

Spike leaned forward and brushed his hand down Xander's cheek.  Holding gently to his jaw, Spike slowly and gently pressed his lips to Xander's and kissed him.

Xander moaned quietly into the kiss and it encouraged Spike to deepen it.

Words just weren't going to do it.  Spike had to *show* Xander exactly how he felt and he wanted to do it with one phenomenal kiss.  His tongue entwined with Xander's and it communicated everything that he felt. Passion, love, relief and so many others emotions that it made him dizzy.

Spike tried to pull away.  He didn't want to push Xander into anything that he wasn't ready for.  Spike was well aware that they were both naked and he didn't want to ruin things by being his normal pushy self.

Xander kept a tight hold of his vampire, pulling him closer when he felt resistance.  He muttered into Spike's mouth as he continued the kiss.

“Don't want you to go.”

“Don't wanna go.  Ain't going.”

Xander slipped his hand beneath the sheets and found Spike's hardening length.  He curled his fingers around the shaft and slowly stroked him to full hardness.

Spike jumped slightly in surprise at Xander's confident stroking.

“Fuck, Xan. Mmm.”

Spike took Xander's mouth in a crushing kiss and he slipped his hand under the covers and grasped Xander's leaking cock.

“Mmm, Spike.”

“Mmm, Xan”

“Ow! Elbow!  Oh Spike”



“Xan, Ow! Mind your knee”

“Sorry. Mmmm, Spike”


“Mmm, Spike, faster…….Ow! Elbow!”

“God….want…..Mmm, Xan…Mmmm, knee!”

“Spike…..gods, Spike……Yesss……squashing me!”

“Sorry….Mmmm, Oh Jesus! Sooo good. Ah! Other knee…right in my…..oh! Mmmm”

“Sorry! Faster, Spike! Please! Eeep! Balls….caught”

“Fuck, sorry! Mmmm, Yesss, baby, yesss!

“Fuck, Spike…Ow! Mmmm, gods……gonna…Elbow! Elbow! Spike!......I'm gonna….”

“Yesss, fuck…..yes…..gonna…..too…Ah! Me bollocks!.….….fuck, yesss!”




Xander lay panting in Spike's arms.

“That was…..”

“Yeah, it was.”

“Mmm, afterglow good.”

“Yup, real good”



“Why were we naked?”

Spike smirked.

“Red was all worried about us both. You know, cos you did all that dying earlier and me with my horrific chest wound.  So she insisted that we both go to bed.  I undressed us, though.  Thought we'd be more comfortable.”

Xander pushed himself up, suddenly alarmed.

“But I thought you said you were ok.  You are ok? You didn't lie to make me feel better, did you? Oh gods, Spike, we really shouldn't have done what we just did if you weren't feeling up to it….Oh god! Did I force you?!”

“Don't be a twat! Course you didn't force me! Bloody wanted it!  I told you, I'm fine.  However, I may have told Red that I was hurt a *little* more than I actually was.”

“Um, why?”

“Wanted tea and sympathy.  Red's a bloody good cook too.  She's in the kitchen now, making us those boiled eggs you were going on about earlier.”

Xander hastily pulled up the covers to his neck

“Willow's still here?! Spike! You could have told me.  We were so….so…..so…..loud!”

“I'm sorry, pet”

“No you're not.”

Xander sulked.

“Yeah, alright, you got me, I'm not sorry at all.  It was bloody good. Nothing to be sorry about.  Besides, Red's a woman of the world.  I'm sure she's heard worse.  Probably didn't bat an eyelid.”

Xander let a smile play at his lips

“It *was* good.  And you're right, Willow's cool. I'm sure she was fine with it……Wanna go again?”

“Did you need to ask?”

Xander all but jumped on Spike and events repeated themselves.  


Willow stood at the kitchen counter with a finger in each ear.

“La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.”

Now this was scary.

The End
Spike/Xander Main