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Favorite Books and Authors
Favorite Books and Authors


Laurell K. Hamilton: Wonderful site! It has excerpts from all her books, a bulletin board to post comments, appearances and much, much more. I love her Anita Blake series and can't really classify her. The series is a combination of horror, romance, mystery and action. I would recommend it to anyone, not weak of heart.


Mercedes Lackey: No author site yet found, However, there are a lot of fan sites. The official fan site is called The Queen's Own and the link below will take you to it.



Christine Feehan: Excellent, preview chapters for all in print books. Sneak peaks at upcoming books and tentative release dates. The Dark series is my favorite and quite a twist on an old genre. Don't take my word for it check out the site


Dara Joy: An author who is primarily categorized as Paranormal Romance.I have thoroughly enjoyed her books and eagerly await the next.

Science Fiction:

Dennis L. McKiernan:  A new discovery for me and sure to become a favorite. I stumbled across him in the Library and was hooked. I especially liked The Silver Call Duology.

David Weber: The Honor Harrington Series is fantastic. It is a little different in that a male author has a female protagonist, but well written and not a bad book in the series. In fact I have not found a single book that he has written that is not well worth reading.


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