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Setthi: Chapter Two
Title: Setthi          
Author: mishap
Rating: NC17
Feedback: mishap00@mchsi.com
Fandom: None all orignal               
Pairing: Sahel/Tovan/Geven
Status: WIP
Series: Yes
Archive: Ask and you shall receive.
Warning: If you are not 18 and don't like m/m relationships don't read this.
Notes: Very first erotic story. Was written and first posted on Literotica.com
Summary: In another world and time a girl discovers her soulmates.

     Sahel stirred slightly, feeling a tugging at her mind, she was pulled closer and closer to true consciousness. Opening her eyes she stared directly into the gaze of the Setthi who had joined Tovan and herself, feeling flustered at the awkward sensation of being intimately acquainted with someone who's name she didn't know Sahel attempted to speak. With just a small squeak escaping her lips she cleared her throat and tried again. “Um…I uh…we just…um.” She sputtered helplessly, unable force a coherent thought.

     Geven wrapped his arms around Sahel he hugged her to him laughing in gentle amusement at the contrary expressions chasing across her face. “You are delightful!” He exclaimed feeling unaccustomed joy sweep through him brushing away the lingering traces of sleep from their energetic bonding. Seeing Tovan awake and observing the two of them he included him in the hug. “Tovan give me the name of our lensheth-atea that I may greet her properly.”

     Tovan, with his customary humor coming to the fore, said as formally as any merchant or priest, “Sahel, may I present, Geven a companion of almost as long standing as yourself.”

     Sahel relieved to be on familiar ground at last, reached out to smack Toval on the shoulder. Barely avoiding the swipe, Tovan just grinned and rolled out of reach coming to a sitting position a few feet away.

     Watching this by-play, Geven grinned as well enjoying Tovan's antics, grateful to him for breaking the tension that had gripped Sahel. Seeing the mock frown on her face he chuckled bringing her eyes back to him and the blush returning to her cheeks as well. “There is no need for embarrassment beautiful one.” He said tipping her chin up with one finger and gazing in to her eyes. “The Lensheth-atea is demanding of all, you were no more lost to thought and reason than any other.” He reassured her letting the truth in his eyes and expression.

     “Gev…Geven why do I still feel unsettled as if something is missing. She asked, and continued almost as if speaking to herself. “Like someone is calling my name from far away.”

     Tovan abruptly reached forward to touch Sahel, a slight frown on his face. “I felt nothing until Sahel brought it to our attention and even now…I hope I am wrong. Geven do you feel it?”

     All humor disappearing concentrated on feeling and amplifying the faint call barely felt by Sahel. “May all the gods forgive us.” He blurted out in horror. “We have a fourth and he is trapped unable to reach us. He felt our bonding and could not reach us to join. Leaping to his feet and racing toward the direction of the faint call. The feel of the call like the scent during the hunt, now that it was recognized, it was unmistakable.

Tovan reacted almost a quickly pulling Sahel to her feet. The urgency of his movements plain to see. Tugging her along with him in Geven's wake  his urgency infecting her and compelling her feet to fly Tovan attempted explanation as they raced down almost invisible deer trails ignoring the bruises and cuts from sharp stones on the path. “Our fourth unable to reach us felt our bonding and unable to participate or call us is being driven mad by the sensation of the bond. Without being able to touch he may cause irreparable harm to himself or even death in trying to push beyond his limits to reach us. He may even in the fever of the bond believe it to be deliberate.” This said he concentrated on guiding their way through the forested mountainside.

      Her mind absorbing the information, thinking of the urgency she had experienced in the throes of the compulsion to mate.  Her thoughts brought reserves of strength she didn't know she had and pushed on quicker running beside Tovan rather than being pulled. Catching sight of Geven prone next to a seemingly innocent pile of logs they put on a burst of greater speed, sprinting to his side.

     Geven looked up at their arrival tears in his eyes he spoke. “It is almost too late. He is trapped under this deadfall, uninjured as far as I can tell, I can only reach his fingertips I am too large for the opening and he is nearly mad. Unheard until now a plaintive sound almost animal in its pain and suffering could be heard rising in intensity until it was almost unbearable.

     Bending look down the short tunnel formed by the fallen logs Sahel felt a leap of hope. “I can fit through that! I can reach him.” She exulted. “Geven you and Tovan move the logs carefully while I comfort him. We can save him.

     Tovan cautioned, “He may no longer be rational, he may injure you in his frenzy and need.”

     Her eyes flashing in determination she stated flatly, “We cannot let him perish or be driven insane when help is so close.”  Without further warning she shoved her head and shoulders into the hole wriggling her bare body deeper she spoke soothingly. “Be strong we are coming you will be lensheth-atea before you know it. You must hold on I will help you.” Feeling his outstretched fingers graze her face she redoubled her efforts to reach him.

     Watching as her body disappeared under the logs, Tovan spoke his voice choked. “If we make one mistake moving the logs they will crushed and we will lose them both.”

     “So we will just have to do this perfectly.” Geven responded fiercely determination written in every inch of his body.

     Moving closer by tiny increments, Sahel forced her body into the increasingly narrow tunnel. Feeling the unknown one's hands frantically stroking every portion of her face, arms and neck that he could reach she made soothing noises, dragging herself forward by her finger tips and toes alone she felt the graze of hair on her face and his frantic breath across her cheek and chin. She could go no further she was securely wedged into place.

 Resting her forehead on the ground momentarily she took as deep a breath as the tight quarters would allow. Raising her face blindly she laid her face along his brushing her lips against his ear the feel of her breath causing a tremor to shake his body further. Kissing all the skin within reach she searched for his lips, finding them opened her mouth to him tasting the blood on his lips from where he had bitten them in the turmoil and delirium of his need. Sahel shared her own calmer state calming him as she felt the terror and fear of his disordered emotions. She could hear distant thumps of Geven and Tovan using their great strength to release them for she was just as trapped now as the man who lips she caressed with her own.

     Braeon felt a measure of hope as soft lips traced his; a shudder wracked his body in relief from the unbearable tactile deprivation. Tension draining away temporarily he felt compelled to speak. “I'm Braeon--, his voice broke harsh from misuse and screaming unheard for aid.

     “Shhh, don't strain your voice anymore. I am Sahel and I blame myself for not hearing you. I am not Setthi or at least not only Setthi and I didn't understand when I still felt a calling.” She confessed between kisses, silent tears running down her face. “Tovan and Geven are working to free us so we may bond in truth. I would never forsake the lensheth-atea. Forgive me.” She begged.

     A measure of control and strength returned at her confession. Braeon relaxed further assured that the torment he had endured was not deliberate. Bringing his hands to clasp her face he kissed her deeply sending the words he was unable to speak to her in the emotions he felt, he gave his forgiveness freely. Allowing her to feel the relief he felt at her presence the longing and beginnings of the bond that was growing with her presence and the emotions he could sense in her touch.

     A slight shudder was felt, and a splinter of light shined on them, illuminating Braeon's face for the first time. Sahel caught her breath in wonder, she had never seen a more beautiful face, not in the least effeminate, but just beautiful in a purely masculine form. Light violet eyes stared into her green ones searching for reassurance and acceptance. He obviously found it and the expression of joy and relief on his face caused her heart to pause a moment, then resume at a quickened pace.

     Desire growing apace with lessening of despair, Braeon let the state of his emotions spill over onto Sahel.

     Geven and Tovan paused momentarily in their labors, feeling the rising desire from Sahel and distantly Braeon; they redoubled their efforts to free their trapped lensheth-atea.  

     Erin lowered her lips to Braeon's in another upside down kiss. Plundering his mouth as she felt his need to be submissive, unfamiliar with a dominant role, she pressed the strength of her desire through the emotional bond with him satisfying in part his need for domination.
     Aware in part of the change in the focus of the desire of the trapped pair, Geven contemplated the last log imprisoning them. As the physically stronger of the two he turned to Tovan. “I will lift and hold the last log you must pull them out before quickly before its weight becomes to much for me to hold.” Tovan nodded positioning himself at Sahel's exposed legs, he prepared to retrieve them from their trapped existence.

     Geven positioned his shoulder against the rough bark of the tree, that not even two of Sahel's people could have budged, momentarily closing his eyes he prayed to any gods listening for strength. “Now!” He barked straining to lift with every ounce of his body focused on this goal.

     Tovan drew Sahel from her tunnel and entered himself ignoring the threat of the heavy log lifted over his head by the straining muscles of Geven. Grasping Braeon by his upper arms dragging him swiftly into the light. Quickly moving out of the way he called to Geven. “They're free. Drop it.”

     Leaping aside to avoid the log as it fell crushing the crevice that had held Sahel and Braeon Geven fell to his knees. Shaking with the exertion of the past few minutes Geven took deep breaths striving to purge the adrenaline from his body.

     Seeing Geven fall, the members of the lensheth-atea rushed to his side to assure themselves of his continued health. “I am all right, just winded.” He reassured them. Feeling the touch of their hands on his body, Geven was staggered at the power and intensity of the returning desire with the lensheth-atea bond not yet complete. Looking down at the smaller man kneeling beside, the only one of them still clothed, he felt the bond shift the final component seeming to snap into place.

     Staring up into emerald eyes set in a harsh, fiercely masculine countenance, Braeon felt swallowed up; absorbed by the strength emanating from the powerful frame he was tentatively touching. He watched as large hands reached for him, ripping his torn and soiled shirt from his body, dragging him into intense and vigorous embrace. Closing his eyes he luxuriated in the feelings of helplessness and safety in Geven's arms.

     Tovan watched as Braeon seemed to melt into Geven, he felt his desire explode. Brushing aside waist length hair the color and texture of a mink's pelt he bared Braeon's vulnerable nape. Giving in to the overwhelming temptation Tovan marked Braeon with his teeth, feeling the leap of excitement from him as the stinging pain registered only as increased pleasure.

      Sahel watched in fascination as Braeon was stripped to the waist, embraced and marked. Remembering her own marking she shuddered slightly at the throb in her pussy and the rush of moisture that followed. She leaned forward to brush the hardened tips of her nipples over the three clasped together, her arms completing the embrace of the lensheth-atea.

     Geven lifted his face from where it had been buried against Braeon's throat, his eyes focusing on the slightly swollen lips in front of him; he felt the approval and surge of attraction that swept the lensheth-atea bond. Lowering his lips to Braeon's as he propelled them both to the crisp grass beneath, he distantly felt Tovan move out of the way. He crushed his lover beneath him pressing pulsing erection against his abdomen.

     Tovan swallowed with a throat gone suddenly dry at the eroticism taking place in front of him, electrifying his whole body. The compulsion to remove Braeon remaining garment and bare him to the sky overwhelmed him. Reaching between the entwined bodies and working the fastening of the butter soft leather trousers a little frantically, Tovan tugged them urgently down his legs stopping only to remove the boots from his feet. He ran his hands up the inside of the newly bared legs, watching as they moved apart at his touch, welcoming it. He watched as the writhing pair moved sensually against one another stoking his desire with theirs.

     Sahel had followed Geven and Braeon to the ground caressing any bit of flesh she could reach stroking her fevered body against them. As Geven drew back to rest on his heels between Braeon's outspread thighs, she savored the sight of the bare flesh revealed to her, running hands from chest to groin lightly dragging her nails over his skin watching in fascination as goose bumps raised from his flesh and his penis jerked fluid dribbling from the end copiously. Impulsively she lowered her head to him taking him into her mouth. Gulping as he convulsed his back arching, spurting semen down her throat

     Geven's fingers dug into Braeon's thighs as he watched him explode in Sahel's mouth. Reaching forward to pull back her hair he viewed the arousing sight as she licked and sucked him dry. Tugging on her hair he urged her lips to his licking the droplets of sperm off her chin he tasted the sweet salt flavor savoring it, pulling away her urged her head towards his groin. Turning to Tovan he shared the taste of their fourth with him as he felt Sahel take him deeply into her mouth and throat, he shuddered at the sensation.

     Still having aftershocks run through his body Braeon raised himself on his elbows as the scene unfolded. Passion coiled tighter than ever as his semen was shared between the lensheth-atea. Watching as Geven clenched his hands tightly in Sahel's hair pulling her even closer he sat up. Following the line of her spine, with his hands, to her sweetly curved ass he stroked down the cleft his two fingers thrusting into her dripping pussy. Pulling them out momentarily he inserted his thumb rubbing her clit with his fingers, feeling the leap of passion and desire through their bond. He reinserted the two fingers adding a third, twisting and turning them. Reaching up with his thumb to her ass his thumb stroking then smoothly slipping in her sphincter. He felt the shudder that ran through the whole lensheth-atea as her body spasmed and shook.

     Tovan sharing the flavor of Braeon with Geven, felt beads of moisture pop out all over his body as Sahel's pleasure burst over him, stealing his breath and what little control had remained. As Sahel pulled back to catch her breath, he turn to Braeon, a question burning in his heart as he locked gazes with him. Answering the unasked inquiry, Braeon rolled to his side then his stomach, muscles stretching and rippling under the skin of his slender body. His appetite voracious, he licked and bit his way down to the taut mounds of his ass. His hands under Braeon's hips he raised them slightly he ducked his head to lick and press his tongue to his puckered hole feeling it flutter and spasm slightly under his unrelenting tongue. Bringing one hand up to press against sliding in slowly as he continued to lick, his other reaching under his hips to stroke his penis.

     Her body still humming and trembling Sahel felt Geven reach around her pulling her back against him. “I feel so…so…good.” She whispered inadequately. Feeling the rumbling in his chest as Geven laughed softly, she quivered as she felt his breath play across her neck and shoulder.

     Lifting her to her feet, Geven walked to where Tovan was working a third finger into Braeon, still holding Sahel clasped to him. He reached down to stroke Tovan's head, grinning widely as he looked up his eyes unfocused, his fingers continuing to stroke in and out His hand delved between Sahel's thighs, stroking her wetly dripping pussy, as they watched Tovan come to his knees to press his penis against Braeon's ass, while using his hands to spread his cheeks widely. They continued to watch, Geven's other hand came up to tug and tweak at her nipples, as Sahel clasped her hands behind his neck stretching her body tautly. Tovan worked his penis deeper and deeper into Braeon, Geven urged Sahel closer. Sinking down near Braeon's head he touched his shoulder. “Lift up a bit.” He advised.

     Coming to his elbows, his body twitching as Tovan delved ever deeper into his ass the slight pain only increasing his gratification. He watched as Geven urged Sahel closer only a few inches from his face, fascinated as he spread her widely with one hand, thrusting forcefully into her with two fingers of the other hand. Inhaling the aroma Braeon felt a new hunger roil through him. Lowering his head to taste the swollen pink folds he ran his tongue over Geven's fingers as they traveled in and out with a wet sucking sound. He growled lightly in his throat unbearable the aroused by flavor and texture. Licking and sucking ran his tongue around drinking every drop of fluid he could reach; he barely noticed when Geven removed his hands.

     Tovan struggled for control, balls deep in Braeon's ass he didn't want it over so soon. He felt a touch on his back distracting him, making it easier to hold back. Lifting his head and seeing Sahel he knew that the hands on his back must belong to Geven. “What do you need?” he asked, knowing the answer.

     “I need to sink my penis into you, and stroke you until you beg and scream for mercy.” He answered bending to nuzzle his neck, testing the resiliency of the tendon with his teeth.

     “Oh, gods. Yes!” Tovan agreed desperately, feeling his penis swelling even further as the shock and gut wrenching need jolted his body. His body jerking in reaction, he thrust hips harder against Braeon. The thought of submitting to Geven's massive erection plundering his depths caused him shudder and shake.

     Geven watched the tremors subside as Tovan leaned forward to rest his head between Braeon's shoulder blades. Kneeling between his legs he forcefully moved them further apart, knowing this would further arouse Tovan. Rubbing the head of his large between his ass cheeks letting the precum dribbling from the end moisten it, he licked his fingers wetting them. Gently, but firmly he began to work his large fingers in and out the natural moisture beginning to ease the way. As he eased the third finger in he felt the muscles fluttering and starting to loosen. Working the fourth finger in and spreading them to stretch the passage as much as possible brought his penis to rest against the stretched hole pressing in as he removed his fingers one at a time.

Thrusting against Tovan's resisting ass managing to work in only an inch or so and no further, Geven paused. Feeling the unspoken consent of Tovan through their bond, he drew back his hips. Thrusting forward powerfully, he forced his way past the resistance coming to a stop his bare pubic area resting against Tovan's widely stretched ass feeling the abused muscles fluttering and contracting around his penis.

     Tovan shouted hoarsely as Geven forced his way passed the restriction. His vision going gray momentarily, as the pain overwhelmed him and then subsided. He felt his own penis twitching and throbbing inside of Braeon as pain and pleasure warred for supremacy. Feeling Geven's hands on his back massaging and soothing allowing him to relax his tensed muscles.

     Her breath coming in sharp pants, Sahel felt her body exploding in orgasm, her back arching in a near painful rigidity. The pleasure boiling from her in waves crashed over all the lensheth-atea, triggering sympathetic climaxes within her mates. Her hips continued twitch and dance as the convulsive tremors subsided.

     Braeon shook and moaned, tasting the gush of fluid from Sahel. His body reacting to the twin pleasures of having his prostrate stroked and the bonded sharing of Sahel's orgasm triggering his own. He also felt the strong pulses from Tovan as he filled his ass with ejaculate.

     Geven and Tovan feeling the burning and boiling of pleasure redoubled their strokes. Contributing to the soaring pleasure, pistoning their hips in unison they found completion almost as one.

     Sahel savored the touch of the completed bond, enjoying the access to the thoughts and emotions of her lensheth-atea. Cuddled together like a pile of tired puppies, she further tested the breadth and depth of the joining. She understood the differences between Setthi and her people, the Gensereth, almost instinctively now and savored the newness of it all.

     The unpleasant sensation of grass stuck to her body and sweat drying on her skin moved her to ask. “Is there anywhere we can clean up nearby or do we need to go back to the lake?”

     Braeon stirred at her words, gesturing at a stand of trees a stone's throw away.  “Behind those trees there is a small pond that is warmed by the sun and very pleasant to bathe in.”

     Listening Tovan came to his feet holding out a hand to Sahel. “Come with us,” he prodded Geven and Braeon, “we could all stand to be a little fresher. Especially Geven.” he teased; paying no attention to the glare that was sent his way.

     Rising to his feet, Geven rested his hands on his hips. Speaking conversationally to Tovan he questioned. “You do realize that this means war?” Lunging for Tovan, who dropped Sahel's hand, Geven chased after him in the direction of the hidden pond.

     Turning to Braeon, Sahel said, “I guess that just leaves us. Shall we walk like civilized people?”

     Braeon shook his head, grinning widely, “Uncivilized is much more fun.” He said taking her hand and pulling her in to a run.

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