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Thar Be Elves Chapter One
This is entirely out of my own imagination. If you would like to archive let me know. This started being written for literotic.com, but as you can tell it is sexy but not smutty(at least not yet). The characters absolutely refused to behave as I started out for them so I figured that this was maybe a better place for them. Read and enjoy. Updates may take awhile as I am kind of stuck right now. So if you can be patient there will be more eventually.

Title: Thar Be Elves
Pairing: Erin/Tol'an/Kethan
Archive: Ask first so I know it is going to a good home.
Feedback: mishap00@mchsi.com
Summary:A weird kind of fantasy, erotica...whatever you call it.

She spent too much time alone. That was the only answer for it; she decided. The feeling of being watched grew stronger everyday. Destroying her pleasure the home she longed for and so carefully furnished after her purchase 2 months ago. The old Victorian farmhouse she had coveted and been strangely drawn to since childhood. The home she'd worked so hard to buy.
The house itself was still comforting to her and welcoming like being enfolded in a warm embrace. But she still felt as if someone was watching her. Not in any way threatening but approvingly and as if she was wanted. She felt it most strongly in the ancient forest neighboring her home during her daily walks. The forest with its stately oaks and elms standing protectively, as sentinels seeming to guard and protect its secrets.

 Erin shook off the strange thoughts that had been plaguing her and continued her walk amongst the solitude and peace of the forest feeling a bit uncomfortable but welcomed almost if she could almost hear the whispered approval and welcome seeming to come from every part of the wood.

She had followed this deer trail numerous times and it led to her favorite place a grove of mighty oaks circling a small meadow with a large flat rock at its center. She loved to sit in the sun and on this fine midsummer's day she was once again headed for this place that gave her such a sense of strength and serenity. Today was the start of her self appointed vacation. And she was going to take a picnic and read in her favorite place.

Erin leaned back in contentment enjoying the sun and feeling content after her late lunch closing her eyes she listened to buzzing of the bees feeding on the flowers in the meadow hearing the call of the birds as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

The cooling air woke her and she realized with a start that the sun had nearly set and it was getting dark. She had slept the entire evening away. Feeling a slight chill with the change in temperature. She rubbed her arms and quickly gathered her things together. Walking quickly homeward she noticed how different the forest appeared at night, not threatening in any way but as if waking from a sleep seeming to be more alive, a busy place almost. The soft calling of night birds and almost glimpsed movement of animals in the brush beside the trail intrigued her and unconsciously her steps slowed. Trying to catch sight of more than the movement of branches she suddenly realized she had been walking a lot longer than it should have taken to reach her home.  She looked around somewhat frantically trying to catch a glimpse of the yard light that came on automatically at dusk but not a glimmer of artificial light could be seen anywhere. Not being prone to panic she turned about to retrace her steps, the trail seemingly had vanished behind her.
Recalling that half remembered instructions regarding becoming lost in the forest she spread the blanket from her picnic and leaned back against a tree getting comfortable preparing for the long wait for morning.

Listening again to the sounds of the forest she once again began to imagine whispers and mischievous giggles. She looked around again and seemed to see a soft glow in the distance. Anxious to get home she walked carefully towards the light.
Unseen eyes watched Erin's progress and followed softly with sure footsteps.
Erin walked on pushing her way through thick brush that seemed to catch on everything, except her skin. The briars seemed determined to rip her clothes off of her thought Erin amused, just like some old boyfriends. Her light tank top and cotton shorts seemed no match for the thorns ripping and tearing repeatedly. She finally forced her way into a clearing lighted seemingly everywhere and nowhere at once. She looked down at her clothes in disgust the cloth nearly shredded barely covering anything. Her bra and panties showing through in several places. She walked hesitantly forward in to the clearing, “Is anyone here?” She called. Spinning around as a voice answered from behind her. She saw the sexiest man she had ever seen walking towards her.

     Whoa! Wait a minute, she thought, since when to men have pointy ears. She stared, transfixed for a moment at the delicate points protruding through his hair. She squeezed her eyes shut. “I'm dreaming, it's not real.” She said aloud. Opening her eyes she took an involuntary step back. He was much too close. She looked up, and up at his face, at 5'2” she was used to looking up at people but this was a bit much. “Ah who…um what… are you?” she questioned.

     “To answer your first question I am Tol'an Tellos Vethetsoun,” he said executing an elegant bow. “Call me Tol'an. To answer your second question, I am of the Fae, or the Sidhe if you prefer. Not,” he said with humor dancing in his eyes, “a Fairy.”

     “Riiiight…do the people who take care of …um you live with...are they near? Erin questioned, slowly backing away. That explained the ears, she thought, he was obviously deranged and wearing some kind of prosthetic. She hoped he wasn't dangerous.

     Tol'an straightened offended at the unspoken thoughts she was broadcasting so loudly. “I am not deranged and you are in no danger.” He stated flatly, his ears flattening to his head. “I am here to welcome you as gate guardian. Your arrival has been eagerly anticipated.” Tol'an bowed again, courtesy and humor returning. “A celebration has been planned for your appearance in our land.”

     “In your land,” She repeated skeptically. “What land would that be? I was under the impression that when I purchased this property that I owned all the land in a five mile area including all of the forest.”

     He waved his hand impatiently. “That is in the human world, not the land of the Fae.” Tol'an paused struck by an awful thought. “You have no idea that you have passed a gate into our world, do you? That your presence in the circle and the offering of food has opened a pathway.”

     “What offering of food?” Erin said puzzled.

     “The food you left on the altar in the sacred circle.” He returned.

     “You mean the leftover crackers and cheese I left for the birds and squirrels. I was done eating and rather than having it go to waste I thought that I would leave it for the animals.” She said incredulously, thinking that it was a shame such a gorgeous man was crazy as a bedbug.

     “I thank you for the compliment,” He smiled, showing a flash of startlingly white teeth in a tanned face. Once again reading her thoughts he continued. “I am as sane as you are. I am indeed an elf and there is no need to doubt me.” He insisted.

     “I don't believe in elves or fairies or the Easter bunny. Erin stated firmly incredulous that she was even continuing the conversation. “They don't exist.”

     Tol'an gritted his teeth, praying for patience. “I will prove it to you.” He said swiftly going to one knee before her and grasping her hand. “Touch my ears,” he demanded, drawing her hand to his head, “they are as real as the rest of me. Be careful though they are very…sensitive.”   He warned.

     Erin reached out hesitantly, carefully touching just the tip. It seemed real, but it was not possible. Gently running the ends of her fingers down his ear toward the base she felt for a seam or rough spot showing were the prosthetic device attached. Using her left to hold back his dark silky hair, she leaned closer attempting to spot a change in texture. Hearing his swiftly indrawn breath she glanced at his face, catching only a glimpse of his gray eyes changing to molten silver before his lids covered them. Fascinated she absently continued running her fingers over his ear as his face seemed to harden, a muscle twitching in his jaw. He seemed almost to be holding his breath, his hands fisted as if desperate to control himself. Looking back at his ear she watched in amazement as a flush of red turned the tanned skin a ruddy color. She once again leaned forward to get a better look, her breath gently wafting across his skin.

     His arm came up swiftly, his grip gentle, but firm he grasped her wrist stilling her fingers. Turning his head to face her, eyes only inches from hers, he rasped out hoarsely. “Enough! Unless you mean to finish what you have started,” his eyes burned into hers, “you must stop. Now!”

     “What do you mean, `--what I started', I only did as you asked.” She returned, bemused at the fierce look on his face and the strength of his response to her touch.

     “I should not have encouraged you to touch them,” he admitted, “but I did not wish to spend all night arguing with you. To touch the ears of one of the Fae is considered to be one of the most erotic and intimate touches of all.” He continued in chagrin. “I did not expect to be overcome by desire so swiftly.”

     Erin looked at Tol'an intrigued despite herself and feeling the beginnings of desire. She wiggled her wrist releasing his hold upon it. She reached out once again to his ear, running a teasing finger from base to tip and back again. “So when I touch you ear I might as well be touching your…cock?” She questioned looking down his body, as she spoke, she watched as the impressive swelling in his tanned leather pants twitched visibly at her words.

     “Yes.” He hissed through clenched teeth coming to his feet swiftly. His body trembling slightly at the force of his desire, he continued. “I am at the limit of my control. If you continue to touch me, you will find yourself on your back, the clothes ripped from your body, your heels by your ears and your body being plundered within an inch of your life.”

     Painfully aroused by his words, her heartbeat pounding in her ears, Erin begged. “Kiss me.” Reaching behind his neck to grasp his head she pulled him down to meet his lips with her own.

     His lips and tongue ravaging hers, Tol'an made good on his warning to Erin. Swiftly lowering her to the ground, his hands removing the remnants of her clothing without thought and little difficultly. Hands moving to her now bare hips, he pressed his pelvis to the juncture of her thighs, grinding them together tightly in search of relief.
Feeling the clasp of her legs around his waist and her hands tunneling under his tunic, he let the intrinsic magic of the Fae sweep from his body to hers.

     Erin gasped, arching her back from the ground, as Tol'an's magic hit her body. Like a living force it ran its way all along her spine touching places she hadn't known existed. She felt a sensation that could only be likened to a dam breaking as something within her rose and met the power of the Fae rolling and twining around it as if to stroke or pet it.

     Shuddering with lust as he felt the power of a Gate Keeper slam into his magic, coiling around it. Tol'an felt the hair on his body lift as if an electric current ran over his skin sending pulses of supercharged energy to the core of his body.

     “What is it?” Erin gasped out as she pulled her lips from his. “What is happening to me?”

Honor demanding that he tell her of the consequences of giving into the desire shredding his self-control. Taking a deep breath, pulling his mouth reluctantly from hers, he spoke determinedly. “If we continue you will forfeit part of the protection afforded a Gate Keeper and be considered to be desirous of continued offers of sex and lust. Many of the Fae have not tasted of the flesh of mortals in centuries and hunger deeply, myself included. You would be forced to choose a consort to protect yourself from being overwhelmed. Some of the Fae can be extremely dangerous when aroused and you could start a conflict that might be deadly for you. With the lack of even basic protections you seem to have. You could have your vitality along with your life absorbed by some of the more powerful fairy lovers. They would be filled with remorse, but you would be dead.”

     Her mind whirling with the information he had given her, Erin tried to reconcile her desire and her fear. The imagery his words had built still running through her head and the very real fear of death in conflict with one another. She latched on to his mention of a consort to distract herself. “You mentioned a `consort', as an option. What is that, exactly?”

     Controlling a leap of excitement at her mention of one of the most sensual of unions available to the Fae. “Erin,” he said seriously, “a consort is an option only when a member of the court, as a Gate Keeper this automatically includes you, would cause dissension through sexual tension and jealousy. It is not to be taken lightly, a bond such as this is only taken with a powerful member of the high court, so that the less powerful can be protected from abuse.” Tol'an hesitated unsure of how much to say. Deciding that anything less than the complete truth would be a form of abuse, he continued. “As the protected is a cause of sexual tension, this would include accepting at least one additional lover every month, in addition to the unlimited access afforded to the consort for his or her protection. You would lose the right to decline these advances or forfeit your protection and be once more at risk of seduction, spells, and possibly outright rape. As long as you have taken no lover among the Fae you are inviolate and off limits under pain of death. And death is the one and only thing that all Fae fear in common. No one not even the High King is exempt from this.”

     Erin was shaken; she had not fully accepted that this was not a weird dream of some sort until this moment. Even touching Tol'an's ear it hadn't truly sunk in. “If you had lost control would you have lost your life?”

     “No, not in this case. Touching my ear would have been considered an invitation and ignorance of the law is never accepted as an excuse. This is one of the reasons I was sent to escort you.” He answered, relaxing slightly at her acceptance. “As second to the High King my escort is sufficient to deter mischief. I just didn't expect that mischief might come from me. He admitted ruefully.

     Erin shook her head trying to take it all in.  “Anything else you need to warn me about?” she question faintly. Rather stunned at ideas presented she absently began to stroke his hair enjoying the fine texture, as she struggled to come to terms with the changes that had been made to her entire vision of the world and her place in it.

     Tol'an exhaled a rather shaky breath, “Erin, if you haven't made a decision to take me as your consort I suggest you stop teasing me.”

     Erin started guiltily, jerking her hand back to her side, her skin flushing a deep rose color. “I'm…uh sorry. I am not usually such a touchy feely type. I really don't know what it is. I have never been a tease in my life, in fact I don't usually care to touch people at all.” Rather amazed at her own reactions, she had never been more at ease and at the same time on edge in her life.

     Narrowing his eyes in sudden suspicion, Tol'an asked. “Never?”

     “No, never.” She confessed. “I have always felt like a freak. Boyfriends have accused me of being frigid. I find it distasteful to be touched by anyone even my grandmother who raised me and who I loved deeply.”

     “Come with me.” He commanded, rising swiftly to his feet. Swiftly he crossed the open clearing. Pulling her along with him, she struggled to keep pace with him. “We must speak to the High King immediately.”

     “What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?” she questioned in sudden apprehension.

     Stopping his headlong rush abruptly. Tol'an faced her, dropping her hand to grasp her shoulders he laughed out loud. “Wrong?…did you do something wrong…No Erin if I am not mistaken, you have done something very right.” Lifting her right off her feet into an ecstatic bear hug, he swung her around in dizzying circles, a delighted expression on his face.

     Totally bemused by his actions, Erin wondered what had happened to the semi formal elf she had met earlier. The joyous elf that held her and roared with laughter certainly bore little resemblance to him. Coming to stop at the opposite edge of the clearing he bowed once again and offered his arm.

     “Wait!” Erin gestured to her bare form. “I can't meet him like this!”

     Grinning widely, eyes sparkling, Tol'an ran appreciative eyes over her body. “My cousin wouldn't mind at all. But I find I don't want to share the view with the entire court.” Pulling his richly embroidered tunic over his head, Tol'an handed to Erin watching as she covered herself the hip length tunic coming to rest at her knees.

Taking his proffered arm she allowed him to lead her down a path she had not seen until they stepped on it. Drawing her around a bend in the path a perfect, idealized medieval castle seemed to appear out of nowhere.

     Glancing at the expression of amazement on her face Tol'an explained. “Only those invited or part of the high court can find this place. Those uninvited who search for it do so only in vain, they can be within arms reach of the door and never find it. Those of us that belong here or have an invitation it is never more than a few steps away, when we want to find it.” Approaching the double doors that guarded the entrance they seemed to swing open of their own accord.

     Stepping into the great hall, Tol'an seemed to search for and find his objective in moments. Pulling her through the crowd paying no attention to greetings called out to him. He seemed determined to plow through the center of the crowd stopping for nothing.

     Erin could not believe her eyes. Her head swiveling back and forth in an attempt to take in every sight, she saw every kind of magical creature described in old story books and a few she had never dreamt of, much less read about. Trying to get a better look at a creature that appeared to be the unicorn of legend, Erin was taken off guard by Tol'an's abrupt halt. She ran into his back seeming to startle those in the area, who quickly began whispering to each other staring at her intently. Feeling a bit uncomfortable with all the attention, she looked around for her escort. Seeing him talking urgently to a man he resembled quite a bit, she hesitated to interrupt. As if feeling her eyes upon them both men turned to meet her gaze, an expression of hunger and longing plain to see.

     Tol'an gestured to Erin urgently. “Come and meet the High King.” Reaching out to take her hand and pull her near, Tol'an continued “Erin I want you to meet my cousin, Kethan Vos Detheane, high king of all Fae.” Continuing with the introductions, “My king it is my deep pleasure to make known to you, Erin, Gate Keeper.”

     Taking the hand not held by Tol'an, the King urged, “Call me Kethan. I would not stand on formality with you. My cousin has told me of the unique set of circumstances that has to presence as Gate Keeper. Also about the conversation you held. I must ask some questions.” His eyes boring into hers the pupils almost lost in he dark brown of his irises, seeming to look through her to read her soul. “Does my touch disgust you? Is it true that even family members of your kind that their touch was offensive? This is more important than you know.”

     Taken a bit aback at the fierceness of his tone, Erin took a moment to answer. “I have never like being touched by anyone, but neither Tol'an or your touch is offensive.” She felt her cheeks heating in embarrassment. “In fact, I enjoy it.” She felt compelled to answer despite her urge to squirm at revealing her feelings in front of two handsome men she had just met.

     “Hesperia!” The King called loudly, causing even more attention to be focused on the trio.

     Erin viewed the approaching woman in curiosity; she was the first person or creature that she had seen that showed even a small glimpse of age. She didn't appear infirm but appeared to have an aura of great age and fragility. Her steps taken slowly as if painful or unsure.

     The King speaking to the woman he had referred to as Hesperia. “I am afraid to trust my own feelings in this. As the only surviving member of our line other than Tol'an, I must ask that you confirm that we have at last found our catalyst.”

     The old woman reached out and touched Erin's face momentarily. “She fairly glows with it, Kethan. There is no doubt.” She stated emphatically.

     Echoing Tol'an's earlier display, the King fairly exploded out of his chair. Embracing Erin he placed a sizzling kiss on her lips that fairly curled her toes. Spinning her around in the hastily cleared space he alternated between great roaring laughs and electrifying kisses.

     “Tol'an come here.” Called the King, smiling broadly. Gesturing for him to take Erin's other hand Kethan silenced the excited murmurs and question with a simple raising of his hand. “My people we have doubly a reason to celebrate today. Not only have we a new Gate Keeper, but also in the same lovely person we have found our Catalyst. My cousin and I can now continue our line as we thought would be impossible.”

     The court erupted into cheering, howling, and squeals of joy as each member reacted true to their nature.

     Erin blinked stunned at the sudden cacophony and ran her mind over Kethan's words. Starting to panic she looked at Tol'an a little wildly. “What did he mean catalyst and what's going on?

     Bending 'til his lips were close to her ear Tol'an whispered. “Stay calm we will explain. Kethan does not know that you opened the gate accidentally.”

     Kethan raised his hands for silence again. “Enjoy yourselves to the fullest. We must desert you temporarily, never doubt that we will return.” Gesturing to Tol'an and Erin to follow him, Kethan started down a hallway to a door with two very tough looking creatures guarding the door.

     Speaking to the creatures guarding the door as they passed through Kethan ordered. “Let none follow or listen.”

     As the door shut behind the trio Erin turned to confront the King. “What's going on?” she demanded.

     Tol'an abruptly explained to his stunned cousin, “She opened the gate accidentally. She also has no idea what you mean when you called her a catalyst.”

     “What…where…how is this possible?” the king demanded, sinking into a large leather chair as if his legs would no longer hold him up.

     “I guess it is up to me to explain to you both. Erin did not purposely open the gate it was pure chance that the elements needed to open the gate came together.” Tol'an said seriously, “She is completely untrained and seems to have no idea of the power she holds. In fact she thought me to be insane when I told her that I was an elf.”

     Kethan turned a grave face to Erin “Is this true?” he questioned.

     “Yes, its true. I had no idea that elves existed outside of books and old legends.” I confessed a little alarmed at the intensity on his face.

     “You truly have no training or understand of the duties of a gate keeper?” he questioned.

     “None whatsoever your majesty. I don't know anybody who believes in magic or…elves or anything like.” I answered feeling kind of sad as I watched the joyous expression fade from his face to leave him looking rather dejected.

     “I am sorry if I frightened you, Erin. I was just so excited to hear that my cousin and I had a chance for a family at last. You see we are all that remains of a very old family and have had no chance for children and thought that we would be the last.”

     “I don't understand.” I said shaking my head. “Why didn't you get married or whatever elves do and have children?” I questioned puzzled at the sadness I felt in him.

     “Would that we could.” Kethan sighed. “Humans or elves that are fertile with our family have always been rare. It is difficult to explain our physiology is quite different than humans who are fertile each other to an extreme degree.”

     “So basically what you are saying is that you want me to have kids with you?” I said taken aback by the information he had given me.

     “Not exactly or not only me with Tol'an as well.” He said seriously staring into my eyes intently.

     I was utterly shocked never having had sex with anyone due to the distaste at felt at people touching me, I was confronted with two utterly gorgeous men…er elves who's touch I enjoyed and they wanted me to have their children. I sat down abruptly my mouth hanging open unable to speak a word.

Chapter Two

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