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Doyle's Delight
Disclaimer:  All characters are the property of Laurell K. Hamilton. Any rights I am entitled to I freely give back to the copyrighted owners No infringement is intended. No money made.

Title: Doyle's Delight
Pairing: Doyle/ Meredith
Archive: Ask first.
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Summary: A short PWP. Doyle and Meredith's first time from Doyle's point of view. The first three or four paragraphs are very; very close to Ms. Hamilton's and I don't want to claim authorship
Disclaimer: Any rights I am entitled to I freely give back to Ms. Hamilton as the copyrighted owner of the characters.

     I drew Merry across my lap and whispered her name against her skin. My hands dug in to her skin as I felt the suppressed need of centuries fill me and I struggled to hold back the wildness that was coursing through my veins.

     I tossed her to the bed and crawled over her on my hands and knees desperate for control. She reached out and touched my nipple ring, it was such a small thing, but it destroyed my control. I felt the growl crawling up my throat and I leaned down as instinct over powered reason and said hoarsely, “Run.”

     She fled off the bed toward the window with me between her and the door. I felt the desire for the chase well up in me and bit out. “You…are…not…running.” And I rushed her. She fled to the door where I caught her and crushed her body between the door and me. I threw her to the mattress and she screamed.

     One of the others came to the door and I held my shredded control by the slippery edges as he spoke to Merry. She spoke to me as well and I answered and what I said obviously made sense, but I have no idea what I said.

     I don't know how long I stared into her eyes and she into mine I only know that it seemed to last hours. I saw her acceptance and ground my hips into hers shuddering at the sensations I felt even through my jeans.

     I tore our clothes off frantically, desperate for the feel of flesh against flesh. A thousand years of celibacy ended tonight. I had just enough sense left to see if she was ready for me and as I felt the warmth and moisture between her thighs I almost sobbed in relief. I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't been ready for me.

     I pressed painfully throbbing erection against the juncture of her thighs and slowly forced my way in stretching her. My control was gone as I seated myself to the hilt in her warmth. I thrust into her willing body harder and faster feeling her response as the room was lit with the glow our bodies produced, the glow that only happens when two of the Sidhe come together with passion.

     I came calling out in the voice of my wild hunt ancestors and collapsed shaking and shuddering and sinking my teeth into her shoulder.

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