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Chapter Three
     Lying down on the couch next to Bliss' crib I wondered at the sudden lust that had over taken me in the bath. I just chalked it up to the effect of being in the god of love's home. Drifting into a post coital sleep my thoughts turned to the long time object of my secret fantasies ever since my first visit to his temple as a child when I caught my first glimpse of a fresco that featured him in the nude. I began to dream of the god I followed, the sensual and dangerous Ares, god of war.

     The sound of Bliss giggling woke me and I opened my eyes to see the object of lust-ridden dreams. He was holding his grandson and tickling him. Turning to face me he said “Good. You're awake.”

     I bolted to my feet my heart racing a mile a minute. Why was he here? Was I in trouble? Did I do anything wrong?” I thought. Still half asleep I babbled. “What…where did…how?

     Ares laughed out loud at my confusion sending chills racing up and down my spine. “Relax Joxer I just came to meet the man that my grandson talks about so much. You have made a big impression on him.”

     As if to prove his words Bliss once again knocked me to the floor as he pounced. “Mine Josser…good boy…fun.” He looked up at his grandfather and asked, “Josser stay?”

     “Only for a little while Bliss only a little while.” He replied. “Why don't you go play for a little bit and then grandpa will play with you and Joxer.”

     “`Kay.” He said getting to his feet and trotting out the door toward his playroom.

     I suddenly became aware of position sprawled out on the floor and I scrambled to get to my feet only to feel a strong, callused hand grab mine and pull me up. “Uh th-thanks.” I stuttered as he continued to hold my hand for a moment longer than necessary.

     “Your welcome.” He replied in that sexy voice he has and continued. “I have wondered about you since Bliss first mentioned you after he stayed with you during that whole nightmare with Psyche. He seems to adore you almost as much as he does his father and I. You are also one of my most devoted and loyal followers and to top it off the house of love trusts you more than their own high priests and priestesses. Do you realize how unique that makes you?” he questioned.

     “Um…no.” I squeaked out. I couldn't believe how friendly he was being to me. When I had seen him before with Xena he was always upset and angry. I couldn't believe how much more approachable and…well nice he seemed.

     Reaching out with one strong finger he lightly traced the curve of my ear lingering on the sensitive skin behind the lobe causing the fit of my pants to abruptly become tight and restrictive. “Do you have any idea how attractive that makes you to me? He whispered huskily stepping closer to brush against me with his body.

     I couldn't believe this was happening. This morning I was heart broken over Gabrielle and Xena's relationship and now unless I was delusional Ares was propositioning me. I had no more time for thought as his lips came down on mine.

     His lips were hot and firm and yet soft, as they demanded entrance. I was shaken out of my daze by his arm sliding around my waist pulling me in tight to his hard body. It felt like my body burst in to flame. My own arms made their way around his neck of their own volition as our mouths devoured each other.

He pulled his lips away from mine and I noticed his breath had quickened. I couldn't believe that the he wanted me, Joxer the clumsy. “We can't leave Bliss alone for long.” He spoke huskily. “We'll have to continue this later.”

     He guided me out of the room to where Bliss was playing happily. “Ganpa and Josser happy. Feels good!” He fairly beamed at us.

     A soft chuckle from behind sent a pulse of electricity through my shaking body. “I am always glad to please the god of happiness and pleasure.” He whispered. “I'll see you later…tonight.”

     I watched as he dissolved in flurry of sparks and turned back to Bliss my thoughts turning over his last words.


Chapter Four