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Chapter Five

     I didn't have a lot of time to wonder about Ares' unusual behavior. Bliss immediately demanded my attention. He was wound up and (any mother of a toddler can tell you that a hyperactive toddler is hell) getting into everything and wanting to play with everything he was forbidden to touch.

     I love children and playing with them is one of my greatest (and most secret) joys. But today was exhausting, trying to keep up with a giggling godling intent on mischief and keeping him from destroying his home temple pushed me to my limits. When I heard his father call him I almost collapsed where I was standing.

     I followed the sound of giggles and squeals and arrived to hear Bliss tell his father how, “Granpa and Josser, made me feel good.”

     “Joxer,” Cupid said. “you look like you had a very busy day. Bliss was telling me that Dad stopped by. I didn't think to warn you, but Bliss is the god of pleasure and at this age it just makes him hyper.”

     “I didn't mean t-to-“ I stuttered to a halt at a loss for words. How did you tell a love god that while you were babysitting his son his father had turned you on?

     “Don't sweat it Joxer. Dad's like a force of nature you just kind of get swept up and carried along. Bliss obviously enjoyed it. I just wanted to let you know that I'm not upset or anything and I hope you are ok. Bliss is a handful at the best of times, excited he is almost more than a god can handle.”
     I relaxed, glad that Cupid wasn't upset. “I didn't want you to think that I neglected Bliss or anything.” I explained.

     “I know you are incapable of harming a child, even by neglect, Joxer. And you are here with Bliss for you not him.” Cupid replied

     I felt a small pang in my heart as I remembered the events of this morning. Was it only this morning? It felt like years had passed. My self-absorbed thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of the god responsible for my busy afternoon.

     “Hi Dad, what's up?” Cupid asked his father

     “I thought I would pick up Joxer, feed him and put him to bed.” Ares replied suggestively. As those hot eyes drifted over my body I could almost feel their heat.

     “If that's what Joxer wants to do that's fine with me.” Cupid turned to face me an unspoken question in his eyes.

     Dragging my eyes away with an effort, “Yeah, it sounds… good.” I reassured the love god.

     “Well have fun then,” he grinned knowingly just before Ares transported us to his temple.

      We rematerialized in a room with a table set with two place settings side by side. “Take a seat,” he said.

     I sat, nervously rubbing my hands on my thighs, he sat down beside me and I could feel the heat of his body next to mine. I reached for some of the food set on the table near our plates and began to eat. “Try this,” he said holding out a piece of pastry. I reached for it and he pulled it away, “Uh-uh, take it from my hand.” He held it up to my mouth. I opened my lips and took the morsel from his fingers I wiped away the crumbs from my lips with my tongue brushing his fingertips in the process as I chewed the sweet pastry.

     He continued to feed me from his plate holding choice bits and pieces of cheese and sweet confections to my lips. I grew a little bolder as my arousal increased from the intimate play and licked his fingers clean after a last bite. I think I surprised him he made a soft sound and cupped my chin in his hand his thumb stroking my lower lip. I swallowed my throat suddenly tight as he lowered his head to mine and kissed me.

     The first time he kissed me wasn't a fluke. My brain fled south and I reveled in the taste and texture of my god's mouth. When he finally let me up for air I was breathing as if I had run a mile. “ I want you, Joxer.” He whispered into my ear sending thrills of pleasure streaking across my skin. “I want to kiss, bite and lick every inch of your body.”

     “Yes, please, “I replied as I shuddered from the impact of his words.

     With a flash of light we moved from the table to standing beside an enormous bed. “Are you sure?” he asked, stepping away slightly. “I don't want to coerce you into anything you don't want. I also want you to know that I am very possessive, if we go any further you will belong to me alone.” The look in his eyes was deadly serious as he spoke.

     “I have always belonged to you. Always. I want this…you. I have never…with anyone.” I answered feeling the blood rush to color my face.

Chapters Six and Seven