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Chapter Six and Seven
I felt a surge of triumph and possessiveness at Joxer's words. Untouched, I read the truth of it in his mind; the hugs and kisses he shared with Meg were just that, he had never had sex with anyone. I wanted to mark him as mine, permanently.

     I took his flushed face in my hands and I whispered against his lips, “I will be your first and only.” I could feel him tremble against me at my words and with a thought I bared our bodies. I was hungry for the feel of his baby fine skin against mine, grinding my cock against his as I lowered him to my bed.

     Staring in to those soft brown eyes I was struck by the look of adoration and…love? I didn't want to think about it. His arms crept around my neck and I felt him urging me closer. I decided to oblige him by devouring his lips and dueling with his tongue.

     That soft white skin called to me begging for my marks. I started just below his ear licking and sucking leaving a bright red patch of skin that would darken later. I started working my way down to his nipples enjoying every gasp and jump he made as I marked my territory. His cock was leaking against my abdomen, his breathing sounded desperate and I decided to give him a treat few could ever boast of.  I broke his death grip around my neck and before he could blink I engulfed the heat of his cock in my mouth, swallowing as the unexpected pleasure gave him his first, but not last orgasm of the night. Definitely not the last I thought, as I tasted his come for the first time.

     The look on his face was beautiful as I watched him bask in the afterglow of the first orgasm he'd had without his hand. The utter relaxation of his body and mind would make the next one much easier.


     I never, ever felt so good in my life. I didn't expect Ares to want to suck my cock much less swallow my semen. The thought was just mind boggling my body was still trembling from the intensity of it.  

     Ares' face filled my vision a smile that could only be described as shit eating was firmly seated on his mouth. “I think you enjoyed that Joxer. Are you ready for round two yet?

     “R-r-round two?”

     “That was just the warm up.” He said rubbing his erection against my belly suggestively. “The main event is yet to come.”

     I heard a roaring in my ears at the thought of Ares thrusting into my body, taking me, and claiming me as his own. My body was instantly rock hard and aroused. “I can feel that you `are' ready for round two,” he chuckled at my body's response to his words.

     He rolled off of me to one side and propped his head on one hand and ran the other down my side. “Turn over,” he said, just as I caught my first good look at his erect cock.

     I gulped taking in the size of it, “I don't think this will work.” I was starting to panic a little, I was sure trying to take that monster into my body would kill me.

     He caught my chin raising my face to his, “Do you trust me Joxer?”

     I was caught in his serious gaze. “I trust you. I just don' think-“

     “Don't think then. I won't lie to you; there will be some pain involved, but only at the beginning. If you tell me to stop I will. I have never forced myself on anyone and I won't start with you. Now turn over if you want to continue. If you don't say so and we stop here.”

     I made my decision clear by turning over and presenting my back to him. “I am glad you stayed.” He said running his hand gently over my ass.  

I felt him move and straddle my thighs his cock resting against the crack of my ass. I tensed up not knowing what was coming next.

“Relax,” he urged his hand coming to rest on my shoulders massaging away my tension with long, lazy strokes. Those hands moved down my body stroking and rubbing, loosening my muscles until I felt as limp as those noodle things Xena had brought back from Chin. I started to tense again as his hands moved to the cheeks of my ass, but he continued to massage and I gradually relaxed again as his hands moved further down my legs massaging away aches and stiffness I didn't even know I had.

Chapter Seven

     As I watched Joxer slipping further and further into that relaxed state between waking and sleeping I could feel my control slipping. Here I was the personification of war and I was on the verge of losing control over one puny mortal. The sounds he made the soft moans made my cock throb, if I hadn't had centuries' worth of experience in self-control I would have broken my word and fucked him with no preliminaries.

     Now that he was relaxed it was time to introduce some tension of a decidedly different sort, but gently. I lightened my touch to a caress and worked my way up the insides of his thigh spreading them gently and slowly so as not to alarm. His soft moan became louder and he made a purring noise as I stroked the juncture of his legs just barely touching. He moved into my touch, his body asking for more, my touch became more intimate. I lightly ran my thumbs over his balls continuing to the top of his ass and back several times.

     He was twitching and groaning becoming more aware of what was going on and at the same time staying relaxed. I leaned forward and traced the path my fingers had mapped with my tongue. A short cry of surprise and he started to work his hips spasmodically as I licked and sucked at his tight pucker, pushing against it with my stiffened tongue I rimmed him. I slicked a finger with a thought and gradually replaced my tongue with it.

     I slid my finger in and carefully stretching, searching for his sweet spot. I knew I found it when he jerked his knees under him and slammed back against my hand. Adding a second finger dragged a groan out of him that definitely wasn't pain. My godly powers came in handy as I kept him from climaxing when I added the third. Working my fingers in and out of him as I loosened and stretched him I knew he was ready.

     Reluctantly pulling my fingers away I gazed in admiration at my handiwork. I set my thumbs on either side of his opened anus to give the extra little stretch that would allow me to breach his passage. I placed the head of my cock against the entrance gave a small thrust and popped the head past the restrictive muscle.

     I almost lost it right then and there. If I hadn't heard his sudden yelp of pain I would have come as soon as his body clamped down on my cock in surprise. Hades, I have never had this much trouble with control since-never.

     It must not have been terribly painful after all he started working his hips back and forth against me, attempting to force more of my throbbing cock inside of him. I grabbed his hips holding him still I didn't want him to hurt himself by forcing more inside his virgin passage before he was ready.

     My hands began to tremble with the strain of holding back. I had to wait for the muscles currently fluttering and spasming around my cock to relax a bit. I was strangely reluctant to have his first experience marred by memories of pain. When I felt his body relax by increments I mentally added more lubrication and slowly very slowly teasing him and myself, I worked my cock deeper and deeper by tiny increments and backing almost all the way back out.

     He began to beg and plead for more; it only made me hotter, and sent the waves of pleasure crashing harder and harder against the breakwater of my self-control. The slippery heat of him rivaled the heat of Heph's forge. The slick friction was better than anything I remember experiencing.

     Finally I was seated to the hilt in his ass, I had to pause to catch my breath. His was shaking and shuddering and I leaned forward molding my chest to his back. The urge to mark him even further as mine overcoming me I began to bite and suck at the juncture of his neck and shoulder as my hips pistoned slowly in and out gaining speed and force as our passion mounted. Feeling his body reaching overload I released my control over it and he immediately began climaxing clamping down so hard on my cock that I joined him the restriction causing my semen to feel like it was wrenched out of my body. I pumped furiously as I shot jet after jet of boiling hot come deep into the depths of his body.

Chapter Eight