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Things Change for Shang Da and Jamil as Well

Title: Things Change for Jamil and Shang Da as well
Author: mishap
Rating: NC17
Feedback: mishap00@mchsi.com" mishap00@mchsi.com
Website: http://members.tripod.com/mishap00/index.htm
Fandom: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter     
Disclaimer: Any rights I am entitled to I freely give back to the copyrighted owners of AB: VH. I own nothing and make no claims.
Pairing: Shang Da/Jamil     m/m  SLASH     
Status: Complete
Series: No
Archive: Anita Blake Fan Fiction and my site. Others ask and you shall receive.
Warning: If you are not 18 and don't like m/m relationships don't   read this.
Notes: I received feedback from several people about the mention of what happened with Shang Da and Jamil in Things Change. So basically this is an explanation. Yes I do know that they are normally straight but this is an extraordinary circumstance.
Summary: This is what happened when Shang Da and Jamil experienced the ardeur when the triumvirate spread it across St. Louis.

 If you haven't read the main story Things Change I really recommend you read it first as this will not make much sense otherwise. You can find it on my Website above.

Things Change for Jamil and Shang Da as well

Neither Shang Da nor Jamil was at all happy being separated from their Ulfric especially with the state he had been in prior to leaving them at the Circus of the Damned.

     Shang Da appeared to be his usual inscrutable self but Jamil could feel the tension just pouring off of him. Jamil continued to pace to release his nervous energy not having the iron control that Shang Da was notorious for.

     Turning abruptly to face counterpart flinging his braided and beaded hair impatiently over his shoulder he growled frustrated. “How are we supposed to protect our Ulfric if he insists on running off alone with that-that vampire?”

     Seeing the flare of gold in his impetuous friend's eyes Shang Da attempted to sooth him. “Calm yourself, we also owe Richard our obedience and no one can protect a man from his heart.”

     “That doesn't help.”

     “No,” Shang Da agreed. “it doesn't and losing control of your beast won't help either.”

     Knowing that he was right Jamil attempted to calm himself taking a seat on one of the white couches that cluttered Jean-Claude's office. He focused on his friend as he leaned against the fireplace mantel below the picture of Jean-Claude, Asher and Julia.

     “Damn vampires” he grumbled. “can't have a half way normal relationship. No they always gotta have some damn kinky thing going on and just had to drag `our' Ulfric into it.”

     A small smile appeared and disappeared on Shang Da's face at his words. “I don't think it was Jean-Claude who `dragged' Richard into this. Anita could tempt a saint and Richard certainly is not that.”

     “I know that.” He returned sourly “I just-“ What ever he was going to say was destined to remain unspoken as a surge of magic swept through the room closely followed by a tidal wave of lust that buried any and all thoughts of anything other than sex in a bottomless pit never to return.

     Even Shang Da was shaken out of his habitual calm demeanor as he was hit by the same compulsion as Jamil.

     “What the fuck was that?” Jamil shouted as he leapt to his feet.

     “I don't know.” Shang Da rasped out from between clenched teeth trying to control the waves of heat and lust flowing through his body. “But I can't control it for much longer if it keeps up.”

     “Oh god,” Jamil groaned. “Me neither. I want…I need…”

     Shang Da ran his eyes over the suddenly magnetically attractive body of his counterpart. “It has got to be a spell. I've never been attracted to you before.”

     “Same here.” Jamil whispered as he moved across the room until he was standing a hairsbreadth away. “I want to…I have to touch you.” He said reaching out to stroke his hand down the smooth olive skin of his friend's face.

     Shang Da shuddered at the exquisite touch of Jamil's fingers on his face and unconsciously leaned into it. He stared at his slightly parted lips luscious and inviting and gave into the tremendous urge to taste them. Closing his eyes he delved deeper glorying in their taste.

     Jamil moved his to the back of Shang Da's head as his mouth was plundered by a wicked tongue, moaning as a pair of large hands returned the embrace drawing his body flush against Shang Da's muscular frame. His hips jerked spasmodically as his steel hard erection was ground against an equally hard cock.

     Hands frantic to feel skin against skin literally ripped and tore clothing apart and scattered it across the floor as they tumbled to the rug grappling and wrestling to get closer. Lips licked, kissed and bit their way over newly revealed bare flesh tasting and tonguing.

     Shang Da kissed and licked his way down a dark velvety abdomen and buried his face in coarse dark curls inhaling the musky aroma. Scent was not enough to banish his hunger he had to taste the pearls of precum oozing from the slit of the large cock before him. Dragging his tongue up and down the hardened shaft he relished the bittersweet taste and took the head in his mouth sucking hard to pull more of the delicious liquid out.

     Jamil looked down at the glossy black hair his hands were buried lifting it slightly to watch his cock disappear between light pink lips and felt a sharp surge of lust lift his hips off the ground as he came without warning.

     Shang Da savored the taste of the cum in his mouth before spitting it into his hand and reaching between Jamil's thighs. Reaching the cleft he urged his legs further apart and used the slick substance to ease a finger into his partner's hole. The relaxation of his muscles due to orgasm allowed Shang Da to quickly introduce a second stretching and scissoring his fingers to widen the passage.

     Coming down from the orgasm induced endorphin high Jamil felt Shang Da's finger enter his virgin ass and stiffened momentarily before a renewed flush of raw desire swept through him. Desire eased his acceptance of the previously unthinkable act and made him crave the slight burn he felt as a third entered to stretch him wider than he'd ever believed possible.

     He'd prepared his friend the best he could. He didn't want to hurt him but he was at the limits of his control he had to be in him now. Shang Da hooked Jamil's splayed legs over his shoulder and lined up his spit-slicked erection with the stretched and prepared hole. Pushing the crown of his past the guardian muscles his body shivered and shook denying the urge that he slam into him and slowly worked his cock in and out, deeper on each stroke until he was seated balls deep in the hot, tight and slick channel.

     Jamil's rational mind, or what was left of it, was at war with his body. A tiny mostly ignored voice in the back of his mind was screaming at him to stop and think. But he was far beyond thought the hard cock slamming to his prostate had him gasping and panting and begging for more. His body was giving as good as it got arching into Shang Da's thrusts his cock once more rock hard and leaking all over his belly. He didn't know why but it felt more right than any sex he'd ever had before.

     His climax fast approaching Shang Da fought back the red haze that seemed to hang before his eyes and grasped the hard cock between their bodies stroked it in time with his increasingly harder strokes. The flutters and spasms that presaged Jamil's orgasm pushed him over the edge into his own climax and his hips beat a frantic tattoo slamming his body harder and harder as Jamil's cum splattered his hand and chest.

     Jamil slid his legs off of Shang Da's shoulder as the older man seemed to collapse onto his chest and managed to roll them to the side before he followed him into unconsciousness.


     The sound of the office door brought them awake as the events of the night played through their no longer lust fogged brains. Shang Da and Jamil tore their bodies away from each other not stopping until the walls of the room prevented them from going farther.

     They turned to face their Ulfric as one their senses immediately picking up on his amusement he tried to hide. The both scowled as he began to explain the reasons behind the magic that had swept the city and caught them both up in it.

     “That's basically what happened.” Richard finished his eyes on the two nude men who had during his recital of events sank to the floor to sit with identical dumbfounded expressions.

     Jamil pointed a shaking finger at Shang Da and babbled “He…we…um.”

     Shang Da was equally coherent his normally impeccable appearance destroyed by his hair going every which way and the bruises and love bites covering his body. “We…how did…”

     “I'll leave you two to sort this out.” Richard said to the two men who barely heard him their attention fixed on each other.

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