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Slash Survey
I ran across this in an email I received and thought what the hell. It was kind of fun

Presenting: The Slashers Survey

The Slashers Survey is a 76-question survey trying to collect
information about slashers, and giving slashers an excuse to talk about
themselves, why they read/write, and all things slash.

Part of the idea behind the survey is to collect some hard data on the
slash "community". Average age, average "fannish" age, whether they
also write gen and/or het, etc. Often, in discussions, a subject comes
up that really requires some actual statistics on slash fandom to be
discussed in anything but a hypothetical sense. Hopefully, this survey
will provide at least somewhat accurate data on slash fandom.

The collected date will of course be collated into stats, graphs, and
spreadsheets, and all individual entries will be published on the site.


Feel free to forward this e-mail to lists or individuals you think
would be interested, but please make sure to check with listmods
first to make sure it's okay to post.