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Chapter Three
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Title: The Stray II
Author: mishap
Rating: NC17
Feedback: mishap00@mchsi.com
Website: http://mishap00.tripod.com" http://mishap00.tripod.com               
Fandom: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
Disclaimer: Any rights I am entitled to I freely give back to the copyrighted owners of Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter. I own nothing and make no claims. No profit was made or infringement intended.
Pairing: Not applicable
Status: WIP
Series: The Stray
Archive: My site, Panthermole, and others ask and you shall receive.
Warning: If you are not 18 DON'T read this.
Notes: Mention of underage rape and child abuse. Severe violence.
Summary: Brad's past rears it's ugly head.

Chapter Three

     I woke to the feel of Brad wrapped tightly around me one hand stroking my fur. He noticed I was awake and released his hold giving me a little shove to emphasize his words.

     “Go change Nathaniel. You don't want to end up with kitty teeth like Zane, do you?”

     I butted him in the stomach and growled at his words surprising a laugh out of him before making my way to the bathroom to `change' and dress.

     A few minutes later I walked back into the room braiding my hair and found Brad sitting on the edge of the bed. Taking a seat next to him I flipped the end of my braid over my shoulder and put my arms around him.

     Sighing Brad turned into my arms and rubbed his head against my chest returning the embrace. “Nathaniel, I'm in so much trouble. You guys are gonna get hurt, you should just let me go…”

     “Never.” I snapped. Lifting Brad's face to meet my eyes I did my best to make him understand. “You are part of our Pard, family and real families take care of their own. They may fight and bicker and squabble amongst themselves, but no one hurts one of ours without all of us making the offender pay.” Giving him a little shake for emphasis. “Do you understand Brad? You are one of ours and we protect our own.”

     Brad did the one thing I would never have guessed he'd do. I wouldn't have been surprised if he started cussing or yelling. Even if he'd just ignored it and pretended not to care wouldn't have been unexpected. Instead he jumped into my lap and proceeded to press kisses all over my face.

     Babbling “Thank you's” and “Oh God's” crying and laughing at the same time before subsiding, still clinging like a limpet, to an occasional sniffle as I rocked back and forth like the child he truly still is. Despite the unchildlike maturity and the horrific abuse and neglect he was still a child at heart.