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Chapter Three

Chapter Three

     The power of my god's blood in my body raised my self-confidence to levels I only previously experienced when Aphrodite worked her spell on me. I boldly spoke of my desire. “Ares, you're beautiful no matter what form you wear. Whether you are softly rounded or hard and muscular you make me want you like I have never wanted before in my life. I desire you more that the food I eat or the air I breathe.” I confessed, “Just being able to travel with you has been a dream come true.”

      Want became need and I stood and went to where Ares stood a look of utter shock on his face. With no thought in my mind but assuaging the fire in my veins I pulled his head down to mine and took his mouth with all the passion I felt.

     “Joxer-“ his words were muffled by my lips as I took and tasted every surface in his mouth.

     What started with me as the aggressor quickly changed as his passion rose to meet mine. His arms clamped around me and dragged me even closer to his hardening groin. Grinding his erection against mine made my knees feel like water and he lowered me swiftly to the pallet I had so recently occupied alone.

     His mouth ravaged mine as his hands swiftly stripped my clothes away and the first touch of his skin on mine provoked a full body shudder. His pleased growl at my reaction made my hard and leaking erection jump in excitement. I fought to get even closer wrapping my legs around his waist and arching into his embrace.

     The feel of his fingers on my abdomen made the muscles there jump and quake in anticipation and feel of his hand on my cock would have triggered my orgasm had he not clamped his hand around the base preventing it.

     “Not yet” he rasped as he licked and bit at my throat. “You don't come until I am in you so deep that you feel me in your throat.” And he reached into our bags and removed the ever-full bottle of olive oil that was part of our supplies.

     He drew back his burning eyes locked to mine as lifted and braced one leg on his shoulder. Watching my face as my world narrowed to the sight of his face and the feel of his oil slicked finger tracing the cleft of my ass before massaging my heated pucker. A questing fingertip slowly teased me open before plunging deep to stroke my prostate and was swiftly joined by another stretching me, preparing me. A third made my body shake and my breath labored as I began to plead. “Oh god, oh god fuck me…now please” I begged and was answered with the withdrawal of his fingers and the feel of something much larger nudging against my entrance.

     His eyes seemed to catch fire as he slowly, inexorably drove into my body and stretched me to my limits before coming to rest with his balls snug against my ass. He paused a moment before drawing back and swiftly plunging back in and striking my prostate forcefully making sparks appear to float before my eyes. He was so deep he made a place for himself where none had existed previously each stroke lifting me higher as I slammed my body up to meet his, each stoke torturing me with pleasure. I couldn't get enough my body twisting and writhing in his grasp leaving me breathless with pleasure.

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