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Rants and Pet Peeves
     This page is will be the place where I air my frustrations at common mistakes and hopefully give a few people something to think about when they write.

December20, 2003
One thing that has always disturbed me is that when someone chooses to criticize you, whether it be a flame or just a message left in a guestbook, is that most that do so do not have the courage of their convictions to leave their name or email. As I said this is my place to air my frustration at very common mistakes. I never said that I don't make mistakes myself. I have never claimed to be perfect or even close to it. I realize that not everyone is a great speller or an expert at grammar or punctuation. I have just been very irritated at times that what could be a truly excellent story is almost unreadable due to simple mistakes, sometimes as many as five or six in a single sentence. Most of these mistakes easily correctible with a spell checker. This does not include people whose native language is not English. They have my utmost respect for even attempting to write in an unfamiliar language that is considered to be one of the most difficult on earth to learn.

October 23, 2003
1. First thing right off the bat if you are going to write slash, homoerotica etc. it would behoove you (this means it'd be a really good idea) to learn the difference between prostate and prostrate.

pros·trate (pròs¹trât´) verb, transitive pros·trat·ed, pros·trat·ing, pros·tratesprostrate: stretched out flat, face down

prostate: of or relating to the prostate gland (you know that thing everybody seems to search for when their fingers are up a guy's butt)

I cannot tell you how many, many, many otherwise excellent stories I have read that make this mistake.

2. Watch the homonyms (One of two or more words that have the same sound and often the same spelling but differ in meaning.)
A few examples are they're (contraction of they are) their (the possessive form of they) and there (To, into, or toward that place). All of these words are pronounced exactly the same but have vastly different meanings. I've listed a couple more below.
were and  we're, where and wear, here and hear

3. A lot is two words not alot.

4. Weird is not spelled wierd.
That's all I have to bitch about for now.