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Cursed By The Gods   |   Chapter Two
Cursed By The Gods
Title: Cursed By the Gods     
Author: mishap
Rating: NC17
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Fandom: Original
Disclaimer: It is mine all mine. So please ask permission if you want to post it elsewhere      
Archive: My site, others ask and you shall receive.
Warning: If you are not 18 and don't like m/m relationships don't   read this. Some D/S
Notes: This was inspired by two books The War God's Own by David Weber and The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold. I don't pretend to have either of those two author's talent although I do envy it sincerely. *sigh*

     You don't expect the gods to go shopping for a champion in the alley behind a tavern. Usually the only people interested in the drunks lying facedown in a puddle of spilled beer are the scavengers looking to roll them for the few coins that they haven't yet drank. And yet that's exactly what the thrice cursed and be damned so-called divine beings did.

Chapter One

     I was contemplating on whether to make and attempt to stand and stagger off to a less damp location. Just laying in the dregs of my drink that had spilled from the mug still clasped in my one remaining hand when the tavern's peace keepers had tossed me out the back door. The puddle was redolent of brewery fumes as well as less palatable aromas and I'd made the decision to attempt to stand when I felt hands gently lifting me from the spinning earth.

     As I was pulled to my feet I swung at my erstwhile `rescuers' with the stump that was all that remained of my right hand. And discovered to my great dismay that while I could still feel hands keeping me upright I couldn't find anything to hit. Not even when I swung the mug still clasped in my left hand.

     Being drunk I decided that this was a useful hallucination and followed the urging of the invisible hands to the dilapidated and run down temple that I had lately inhabited when my lack of funds for anything other than drinking had cost me my place in my usual flophouse.

     Heading toward my bedroll to sleep it off I was gently guided to a stone bench still in place before a dusty, disused altar. The dark interior of the temple subtly brightened and I wobbled back and forth on my seat looking at the hallucinations my drunken mind had conjured. Seerah the darkly seductive goddess of passion, her white blond twin sister Necklah, the goddess of pain and death with her consort Jeaza, the god of nature and growing things with his golden horns peeking through his curly greenish hair. And their brother Kurtah the god of war his red hair seeming to strike sparks off his bronze wings as he tossed his head. All of them arguing with a being they called mother who seemed to have no one shape or form changing from young to old and back in betwixt one breath and the next. And they were arguing about me.

     Determined to enjoy my hallucination while it lasted I made the mistake of opening my mouth. “No need to argue.” I interrupted grinning foolishly. “There's plenty of me to go around.”

     “See I told you. He's perfect for our purposes.” The Mother chided gently but firmly.

     “Perfectly drunk you mean.” Commented Necklah in disgust.

     “No I said perfect and I meant it.” The Mother corrected her child. “He's one of a precious few dedicated to us at birth these days. Jeaza as a child and a young man did he not tend to the fields and animals?” she questioned and was answered by his reluctant nod. “Kurtah did he not learn the arts of war and fight bravely in your service?”

     “Yes, he did.” Kurtah replied resigned.

     “And Necklah, did he not give you his pain and the death he dealt out? Seerah did you not observe his passion?”

     “Yes Mother the twin goddesses replied as one.

     “As he has served all he has served me as well and has spent the three nights in the temple as required of an acolyte.”

     “Mother he's a drunk.” The war god burst out angrily. “He has only one hand and I doubt he's bathed in a month.” He said stalking over to glare down at me his wings fanning the air agitatedly.”

     “There is nothing you've mentioned that can't be fixed.”

     Looking up past the darkly tanned skin of the god's chest to the starkly handsome face that glared down at me with blazing blue eyes I said the first thing that popped into my mind. “Do you know you're beautiful when you're angry?” and watched as a look of utter confusion passed over his face quickly by amusement.

     Kurtah quickly turned back to The Mother and spoke. “For the first time I begin to understand your reasoning in choosing him. If nothing else he has balls.”

     The gods spoke quietly amongst themselves for a time glancing over at me from time to time and I quickly lost interest as the alcohol and fatigue began to catch up with me and I began the slow slide to unconsciousness where I sat. Only to be woken by strong arms lifting me and placing me on the altar. The handsome face I had admired earlier swam into focus just inches away.

     “Lokan,” Kurtah demanded my attention. “Do you enter my service of your own free will?”

     “Huh, oh yeah sure.” I answered fuzzily not quite sure what he was talking about.

     “Do you give your body in to my care and control as my sworn man and offer your submission to my will.” he asked.

     “Anything you want.” I said as thoughts of that gorgeous body pressed against mine danced through my head.

     “Then take my mark so that may know of my favor.” The war god intoned and laid his hand upon my head and I felt a warm a pulsing tingle that quickly built in to the heat of a bonfire and just quickly subsided leaving a prickly feeling akin to pins and needles echoing pleasantly across my scalp.

     Looking deeply into the bluer than blue eyes so close to my own I asked plaintively. “Can we have sex now?” and surprised a laugh out of Kurtah.

     “Little man:” he grinned down at me “I believe I will honor your request, but not just now. You will have to wait until my family is done with you.” And stepped back as his sister approached and laid her hand where his had so recently rested.

     Time seemed to stop and at the same moment stretch out endlessly as each god and goddess in turn approached and I experienced a multitude of sensations one after another each different until they blurred together indistinguishable.

     My body felt simultaneously on fire and cold as ice as the remnants of godly touch tingled and throbbed through my veins until at last darkness claimed me for a time.

     I awoke to the feel of strong calloused hands stroking my chest and stomach. “Wake Lokan.” I opened my eyes to be struck once again by the masculine beauty that had captivated me earlier kneeling over my nude body straddling my hips. Only to have my lids fall shut once more as the sensuous lips I'd admired claimed my own in a hungry kiss.

     I pulled away to gasp for air as his talented hand engulfed my cock quickly stroking me to a fully erect state. His lips came back down on mine hard dominating me utterly as I'd longed for since the moment I saw him.

      If you ever get the chance to have sex with a god I recommend turning it down flat and running like hell. And I mean that sincerely they will ruin you for anyone else they have more stamina, more passion and they know exactly what you want and when you want it better than you do. You will just not be interested in anything more normal, hell I can barely get it up for anybody else.

     Kurtah took my body by storm and conquered me utterly. While my hazy mind was still trying to process that kiss he'd move on to knew territory licking and bit my neck and shoulders. By the time he hit my nipples I felt like I'd been struck by lightning my whole body was sizzling and humming. The feel of his tongue was enough to make arch my back into a bow and nearly come, but he was having none of that and clamped down on the base of my cock and stopped me from climaxing prematurely.

     “None of that.” Kurtah whispered in my ear abandoning my nipples for the moment. “You'll come from my cock in you or not at all.”

     And with those words he set me to trembling in anticipation. He knew just how to set me crazy with the lingering touches followed by sharp nips of his teeth as he worked his way down my torso made me squirm and shudder. He had released my cock but after hearing his words I had no intention of coming until he was buried deep within me.

     As if he'd heard my thoughts he reared up over me his blue eyes flashing with heat as his long red hair seemed to darkly tanned shoulders. I was mesmerized by those eyes that stared so fiercely into mine for a long moment before he flipped me over to lie on my stomach. His hands grabbed my hips and lifted them to slide a cushion under them that he'd conjured from somewhere along with the oil that seemed to suddenly drench his hands as he massaged my back and buttocks strongly before tracing the edges of my cleft with his thumbs.

     Separating my cheeks he paused once again and then dove in to torment my suddenly spastically twitching hole with his tongue, licking and sucking as my breath escaped me with a hiss. I threw my head back every nerve alive and firing straight to my pucker. The world started to grey out around me before I realized I still needed to breathe. I sucked precious oxygen into my lungs panting like I'd run for miles. While his tongue was busy his hands were not idle. His thumbs circled and massaged easing and relaxing muscles before breaching my entrance  to hold it open for his voracious tongue to stab deep.

     The room rang with the screams and moans Kurtah wrung from me as he reduced me to a quivering shaking desperate wreck of a man.  He drew back giving me a moment to calm a bit before fitting the head of his massive phallus to my hole stretched wide by his thumbs. He slowly pushed forward replacing his thumbs with his cock and filling me slowly, so slowly but never stopping his advance.

     I started to panic as I was stretched beyond any previous capacity I'd ever had and tried to scramble forward off the monstrous organ. Only to be caught by hands thrust under my chest and over my shoulders.

     “Shhh,” he whispered leaning closer to breathe into my ear and bite down on my shoulder paralyzing any desire to flee. It took a moment for it to register that although I was filled past overflowing I felt no pain, none at all. I quivered but held steady as his hips came to rest flush against my mine. I reveled in the feel of that hard perfect body held tightly against mine.

     Pulling back as slowly as he'd pushed in until only the head was still lodged in my body I felt a yawning emptiness within me begging to be filled again. And he obliged slowly at first and then quicker slamming in hard. He lifted me up straightening my body and demanded. “Open your eyes.”

     I opened them in response to his order and found a mirror on the wall we faced that hadn't been there previously. And I watched as his hands roamed my much paler body his bronze wings framing our rocking bodies flaring and relaxing with his movements. I couldn't take it anymore the sight overwhelmed me and I began to come spasming and contracting around his cock inspiring him to thrust even harder literally lifting me off my knees with their power and redoubling my orgasm. I sprayed my chest as I came a few drops landing on my flushed face as I felt Kurtah's divine seed fill me tingling and burning deep within me.

     The first things I realized as I came down from the best orgasm I had ever felt was that he was still hard within me and rocking his hips gently just back and forth an inch or so. I lifted my dazed eyes to meet his amused ones in the mirror and a wide grin split his face his teeth blinding against his darkened skin. He swiftly pulled out and before I really had a chance to register how empty I felt I was on back with my legs over his shoulders with my knees pressed against my chest and he was slamming back in his hips hammering away at mine with enough force that it should have shattered my bones and his lips and tongue plundering my mouth.

     I was hard again with a speed that I hadn't felt since the summer as a youth that I walked around with an erection that sprouted every time the wind changed direction. Gasping and shuddering once again  I fought to give back as good as I was getting using the legs hung over his shoulders to slam up to meet his strokes with every bit of strength left in my body. My tongue dueled and fought with his for dominance and I conceded defeat and submitted to him with every stroke of his body and tongue. He fucked me into unconsciousness and I loved every minute of it.

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