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Hairy Poofter and the Sorcerer's Bone Chapter One   |   Chapters Two and Three
Chapters Two and Three
Chapter Two

     After completing his workout satisfactorily Hairy casually sauntered out of the gym aware of the eyes that followed his every move and waited until he turned the corner before putting on a burst of speed and racing back to the Gryffindor tower. He couldn't wait to share his new with his best friends Ronnie Weasel and Hermie Grazer their house's token straight couple.

     Bursting into the common room he surprised his friends making out on the couch and immediately fought to overcome his revulsion. “Eew” he squealed. “I know you guys are crazy for each other but do you have to do that where I can see it?”

     “Hey” Ronnie objected. “It's nothing that you haven't done right here on this very same couch and in front of an audience too.”

     “I know, I know sorry.” Hairy apologized. “It's just…Hermie's a girl and…”

     “And just what's wrong with girls?” Hermie demanded her hands on her hips and eyes blazing.

     “Nothing, It was just the surprise of seeing you two together just kinda squicked me a bit.” He said placatingly. “It caught me off guard and …” Hairy shrugged helplessly his eyes begging for forgiveness.

     Hermie sighed and said. “Ok I forgive you; you can turn off the puppy dog eyes. And tell us what's got you so excited.”

     Hairy began to bounce in place as he described the results of his afternoon at the gym and how Professor Snake had upheld his right to be there and how he had observed the Professor watching him unobtrusively when he thought the he wasn't looking.

     “I'm just so happy.” Hairy bubbled. “I was about to lose hope and give up until I talked to Headmaster Dumblydoor and I took his advice and I finally  think I have a chance with Professor Snake.”

     Looking a bit green around the gills Ronnie said faintly. “Are you sure about this Hairy? I mean Snake is such a bastard to all of us in our love potions and aphrodisiacs class and lets the Slytherins get away with murder at the same time. Do you really want him to be your first lover? I know you've had a thing for him forever but still…” he trailed off looking at his best friend helplessly.

     “Oh yes” Hairy said dreamily. “Can't you just imagine it he's so stern and dominating and that voice of his…”

     Ronnie shuddered and swallowed noisily looking even sicker at the idea. “Well mate I guess if that's what you want, but please no details.”

     Hairy pouted. “You're my best friend and I want to be able to share everything with you.”

     Hermie interrupted. “Hairy don't tease Ronnie you know how is about that. I'll be glad listen.”

     He grinned. “I know I just can't help but tease him a bit he takes the bait so well.”

     “Hey.” Ronnie said glaring at his two friends as they giggled helplessly at the expression his face. Throwing his hands up in exasperation Ronnie accused. “You're both nutters.” And watched as they went into hysterics before stomping off.

     “Hermie” Hairy gasped between subsiding bouts of giggles. “You'd better go after him or he'll pout and be impossible for days.”

     Hermie sighed abruptly losing the desire to laugh. “I love Ronnie dearly, but I swear if he doesn't start showing some maturity and common sense soon I am gonna beat with a broom until he does.” She said coming to her feet and putting her hands on her hips.

     “Not my Firebolt!” Hairy stood up leaping to the defense of his beloved broom.

     “Of course not.” Hermie shot him a glare. “His broom” she said with a positively evil gleam in her eyes.”

     Watching her Hairy shuddered suddenly glad that the closest he'd ever come to getting involved with a girl was his crush on the transvestite Cho Chong and that relationship had soured after he'd figured out what a drama queen Cho was. Hairy shook his head he still couldn't decide what to call that relationship even now. They hadn't really even dated Cho just wanted someone to pour sympathy out while Cho carried on and cried about how cruel life was. He was well out of it now and winced in sympathy for Cho's next victim glad it wasn't him.

Chapter Three

     Hairy kept up his campaign of displaying his body in muggle clothes in the gym. He watched as Professor Snake made it a habit to leave his office shortly after Hairy arrived every day ostensibly to spot various Slytherins as they worked out even occasionally spotting for Hairy.

     He was becoming frustrated; he'd succeeded in luring him so close and no closer. Hairy was starting to despair that he'd ever gain the attention of the man who haunted his dreams both day and night.

      He'd done just about everything outside of an all out frontal assault that he could think of and was starting to wonder if you could die of frustration and too much masturbation. He was even carrying over the plainer look into the way he dressed every day and was the recipient of more than one smoldering look during his Professor's love potions and aphrodisiacs class, but still nothing more substantial.

     Hairy was almost ready to throw in the towel and give it all up as a lost cause when Hermie had her brilliant idea and he was reminded why she carried the best marks the school had seen in decades. No was the time to implement that plan.

     Walking to the gym he kept his excitement and anticipation under close wraps as he made his way  to his usual bench to begin warm ups an stretches before starting his workout. Dropping the small black bag he carried beside it nonchalantly. He waited for the pest that was Draco Malfey to pick up on this deviation from his usual behavior and right on schedule was Malfey the mouth to stick his nose in Hairy's business.

     “What's in the bag Poofter?” he demanded closely followed by his idiot groupies who'd only had one brain to share between the two of them before it had died of loneliness.

     Hairy sighed; he seemed to do that a lot around these three. “Girly, Crabby, Malfey.” He acknowledged. “Not that it is any business of your Malfey just clothes.” Hairy answered bending down to continue his stretches. Holding his ankles and resting his face against his knees he continued the stretch Professor Snake had showed him when he'd complained of soreness in his hamstring and calves while Malfey sputtered incoherently.

     “Malfey.” Barked Professor Snake. “I've warned you about making a nuisance of yourself when other students are trying to exercise.”

     I snapped up to standing so quickly on hearing `his' voice so close that I was a bit lightheaded only to get an additional thrill when the Professor laid a steadying hand on my should for a moment before Malfey ruined it by whining.

“But Professor he brought a bag in here and hid it under his bench.”

     “I'm not hiding anything.” I objected trying to appear calm while my heart was racing. “I kicked my bang under the bench so it didn't trip anyone or get in the way if I needed a spotter.

     Malfey once again played the role Hermie and I had envisioned perfectly. “Make him open it and show you what's in it.” He demanded. “I know it's some kind of trick.”

     P professor Snake was scowling and even that self-centered idiot Draco withered a bit under his dark regard. Still glaring at his house's most recalcitrant member he asked me. “Poofter, would you open the bag and show me the contents if you please.”

     No problem Professor.” I said pulling the bag out and setting it on the bench. I unzipped the bag and spread it open showing the innocent clothes and towel and I lifted them and a dark glass bottle out and showed them the empty bag.

     “See; see I told you he was up to something. What's in the bottle, Poofter?” Malfey almost bounced he was so excite thinking he caught me out.”

     “Massage oil and some clean clothes to wear after my shower because I am tired of walking back to the dorm all sweaty is hardly sinister Malfey.” I said dryly.

     “Like that's really what's in there.” Malfey sneered.

     Professor Snake lifted the bottle in question and removed the lid taking a caution sniff. “Well Malfey” he glared. “That's exactly what it is. Sandalwood essence I believe to be exact.” He lifted an enquiring brow in my direction and I nodded.

     Turning back to Malfey he positively grow at the young Slytherin who was gaping most unattractively his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water and not a sound escaping, for once. “Mr. Malfey, you are confined to the dorm for the rest of the evening you've cost your fellow Slytherins twenty points and earned yourself a week's detention with Argus Filth for wasting my time.” He said icily.


     “Not another word unless you'd like to make it forty points and two weeks.”

     Malfey shut his mouth with an audible snap before turning and stomping out of the gym closely followed by his sycophants.

     I almost felt sorry for him he had good instincts, but unfortunately he lacked the imagination to see that the `trick' was getting the bag's contents to Snake's attention.

     I looked up at Professor Snake and saw that he was positively seething. I needed to do something to distract him.

     “Professor” I said catching his attention. “Sorry about all this.” I dissembled.

     “Don't be it's not your fault.” He said staring at the door Malfey had left through, a far away look in his eye he continued. “I think the only reason he was place in my house is that in any of the others they would have killed by now. Unfortunately they suck up to and tolerate his attitude so they can use him and his family's influence to further their own agendas.” He seemed to remember who he was speaking to and turned the glare on me, and warned “If you repeat that…”

     “Repeat what?” I questioned grinning innocently.

     “Poofter sometimes I wonder why YOU aren't in my house.”

     “I almost was.” I revealed.

     “What!” I'd finally surprise him.

     When we were sorted Malfey went first and he was sorted into Slytherin the sorting hat was gonna put me there too, but I begged and pleaded with it not to.”

     “Why?” Professor snake's face darkened and he sneered “Wasn't Slytherin good enough for you?”

     I hastily explained. “I'd met Draco in Diagonal Alley a few days earlier and I knew that if I had to spend that much time with him I'd end up in Azkaban for killing him.”

     His face relaxing back into its normally stern lines he commented “I may have to give you more credit for intelligence than I have before.” One side of his lips twitched in an almost smile. “But don't count on it.” He laughed at the face I made and started the other occupants of the gym into staring.

     As he began to turn away I blurted out. “Professor.”

     He turned back. “Yes, Poofter?”

     “I was wondering if after my shower you could help me out.” I rushed on. “That's why I brought the oil with me. I was wondering if you could work some stiffness out of my back and neck Madam Pompey's hands aren't strong enough to get it and the guys in my dorm don't really know what they're doing.”

     You've been doing the warm ups I gave you haven't you?” he asked.

     “Yes, sir I always do it just seems to be a little residual soreness and I already checked with Madam Pompey. In fact she recommended that I ask you or Haggard.”

     “I thought Haggard was your friend?” Snake questioned suspicion in his now narrowed eyes.

     “He is and however, much I like him and enjoy his company he really doesn't control his strength all that well. And to be quite honest would you let him work on your back and neck knowing that? I asked and surprised another short burst of mirth out of him.

     “Hairy” he said. “There is no way in hell I would ever let Haggard lay a hand any where near my neck. I `m afraid the temptation to squeeze might be too much for him.”

     Thinking about the enmity between the two men I had to agree. “So will you?”

     “Stop by my office before you shower and let me know and I will be glad to help.” He said and I noticed that the smoldering glow I'd noticed on previous occasions was back in his eyes and I felt a thrill of anticipation run down my spine.

     I watched his retreating back for a moment before going back to my interrupted workout.

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