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Chapters 4-6
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Title: Strange Mutant in a Stranger Land
Author: mishap
Rating: NC-17 eventually
Feedback: mishap00@mchsi.com
Fandom: Xena/Herc Xmen crossover
Disclaimer: Any rights I am entitled to I freely give back to the copyrighted owners. I own nothing and make no claims.
Pairing: Ares/Joxer, Logan/Remy
Status: WIP
Archive: AJCS, and others ask and you shall receive.
Warning: If you are not 18 and don't like m/m relationships don't read this.
Notes: First Xmen.
Summary: Logan and Remy take a strange trip

Chapter Four

     Logan watched as the occupants of Meg's place prepared for a busy evening. Wine and ale was brought up from the cellar with Remy giving Joxer a hand. As he watched the stretch and flex of the material across Remy's backside he wondered at the nearly irresistible urge to walk over and run his hands over the taut flesh beneath the fabric.

     His attraction to the Cajun had always existed. Since he had first caught his scent, not his cologne, the heat and spice that was uniquely Gambit. However since landing in this whacked out version of history the desire to claim him had become stronger by the hour. He was starting to think that Remy had lost control of his charm power.

     “It's not his charm silly it's your heart. You should listen to it for once.”

     Logan tensed his eyes searching for the source of the disembodied voice as a shimmering light faded to reveal a young, winged man with a crossbow and a quiver of arrows slung across his back.

     Logan growled his claws slipping through his flesh and extending to their full length, “I don't know who the hell you are bub, but-“

     “Chill man,” he said raising empty palms, “I'm a lover not a fighter. Just your average love god here. I just wanted to see who was sending out the vibes.”

     “Logan that's Cupid, he's kind of a friend. I baby sit for him sometimes.” Joxer said placating. “He's also the god of love.”

     Allowing his claws to slip back into their accustomed place he spoke. “I don't care who you are bub, don't go messing around in my head.”

     Joxer hurried to explain to the perturbed looking love god. “He's not from around here. He and his friend, Remy, came through one of those vortex things that Hercules told me about and they aren't used to gods.”

     Cupid circled the stranger curiously taking note of the way that Logan turned to keep him in sight and the tension that denoted a trained warrior along with the almost feral quality the man exuded.

     “Seen enough yet?” Logan questioned annoyed.

     “Not quite,” Cupid replied. “I have yet to meet your friend.”

     “`Den turn around stranger.” Came the lazy, self-assured drawl of the Cajun.

     Cupid whirled to face the man who had managed to sneak up on him undetected and leaned against the doorway casually tossing a few olives from hand to hand.

     Logan smiled mentally, trust the kid to find a local substitute to sacrificing his precious few packs of cards and yet appear totally harmless while holding a potential weapon openly. He watched as self-proclaimed love god approached Gambit and looked him over in a similar fashion to the study he had just undergone.

     Stepping away and glancing between the two mutants Cupid appeared to be puzzled about something. He opened his mouth as if to speak and closed it again without uttering a word then disappeared in a shower of golden sparkles.

     Turning the young man who had befriended them he asked. “Joxer what was that all about?”

     He replied, “I'm not really sure, Cupid stops by every now and then to see me and talk or he asks me to watch Bliss, his son, but I've never seen him look at anyone the way he looked at you and Remy.”

     Logan asked, “He really a god?”

     “Oh yes,” Joxer replied seriously, “I've seen him work before. His arrows can be very dangerous in the wrong hands too.”

     “What Remy wants to know is why he feels like he should know the flyboy?” The Cajun spoke. “I could feel him like I didn't have any shields at all and he was really, really upset about something. What it was, I couldn't tell, but he was definitely knocked off kilter by something about us.”

Chapter Five

     Logan spent the rest of the night discouraging drunks from getting rowdy and turning the encounter with Cupid over in his mind wondering about the odd expression he'd seen on his face before he disappeared. Remy appeared to be similarly preoccupied as he fended off admiring males while serving drinks.

     Finally the last of the brothel's patrons stumbled out the door in the wee hours of the morning and he followed Remy to the bedroom they would be sharing. As he closed the door behind them he took in the sight that had glued Remy's feet to the floor. In the dim illumination provided by the oil lamp in the Cajun's hand he felt his jaw sag slightly the large bed's frame was festooned with various leather straps. The walls and night tables were covered with a large variety of sexual toys, everything from riding crops and paddles to objects he couldn't even begin to guess the function of most of them made of leather.

     Remy spoke hesitantly, “Joxer said that the girl whose room this had been had moved on and nobody here had the skills to take her place, but I didn't think, didn't guess…”

     Urging Remy further into the room with a gentle nudge to the back, Logan felt a wide grin stretch his lips. “Didn't expect to find a dungeon in ancient Greece, huh pup?”

     “Not this kind of dungeon.” The normally imperturbable Cajun blurted out a tide of red sweeping over his face.

     Logan's grin only got wider at the sight of naked embarrassment on his face and a chuckle escaped from his mouth. “What's the matter ain't ya ever done anything kinky before?”

     Remy tossed his silky, auburn hair back out of his eyes and glared at Logan his hands coming to rest on his hips. “Remy has forgotten more about kinky than you ever learned…Wolvie.” He said delighting in the scowl that name brought to his friend's face.

     “So why'd yer face turn as red as your eyes then, bub?” he shot back.

     “Remy was surprised is all.” He replied stalking haughtily to the bed removing his shirt and duster as he went. Unbuckling and dropping his body armor to the floor with a dull thud.

     Wolverine lost all interest in further needling the Cajun as he watched him remove his clothing his mouth suddenly dry as dust. He unconsciously licked his lips in reaction to the play of hard muscle beneath golden skin completely ignoring the taunting words that continued to spill from the Cajun's mouth.

     Turning to face him Remy caught the look of savage desire on Logan's face. “You see anything you like?” he taunted the older man, his hands slowly working the fastening at his waist as he shucked off the worn jeans revealing black silk boxers.

     Logan's face was the one to flush now as he hungrily devoured Remy with his eyes. “What's not to like.” He said attempting to pass off his interest.

     “Remy never knew you cared Cher.” The young man spoke stalking near as the older man took an involuntary step back.

     Logan's nostrils flared as he moved closer and he caught the normally intoxicating scent made more so by the burgeoning desire flavoring it. “You've always been my friend” he replied huskily, his body rock hard.

     “ I noticed you wanting me a long time ago. Now maybe more than friends?” he questioned coming closer, following as Logan retreated until his back was against the door of the room not stopping until his chest just brushed against his. Placing his hands on the wood of the door on either side of the shorter man's head he leaned down until their lips were only a breath apart.

     “Oh, Cupie you were right they are absolutely adorable.” The sound of the high pitched voice caused both men to reflexively fall into a battle stance only to come to a dead halt at the sight of the gorgeous blonde dressed…er almost dressed in a pink negligee. Beside her was the winged man from their earlier confrontation.

     “Uh, mom I don't think this was one of your better ideas.” Cupid stated a bit nervously. “Nobody likes to be interrupted.”

     “Chill, baby boy.” She said dismissively.

     A low growl rumbling through his chest Logan made his displeasure known. “Bub, I told you earlier I don't like people messin' in my head and I like it even less when they sneak up on me.”

     Totally ignoring the bared blades of Logan's claws and the defensive stand Gambit had taken she bounced over to the two men. She reached up and pinched Logan's cheek. “You are so cute.”

     Absolutely dumbfounded by the actions of the woman Logan just stared for a moment. Then shaking his head to gather his scattered wits he barked out, “lady I have no idea who the hell you are but it ain't exactly real smart to be runnin' around half naked and sneaking in to strange men's rooms.”

     “That's so sweet. Did you hear that Cupie he's worried about me?” The strange blonde woman positively bubbled good-naturedly.

     Logan took a deep breath in preparation asking them to get the hell out when he felt the Cajun touch his arm. “Logan if that's Cupid and that's his mother `den she is Aphrodite, de Goddess of Love.”

     “So you do know who we are then. Cupid said that you didn't recognize him when he showed up earlier today.” Aphrodite stated with a questioning lilt in her voice.

     “Who could fail to recognize the goddess of love and beauty?” Gambit replied eyes twinkling.

     “Oh he's good.” Aphrodite addressed her son, “he's one of ours without a doubt.”

     Logan fought down the possessive side of his feral nature that that statement enraged. “What do you mean one of yours? He don't belong to nobody.” He growled warningly.

     “Well, duh” she responded, “you're both demi gods and he's obviously house of love. You on the other hand positively shriek house of war. It is so obvious but I have got to jet now I am like totally late for an orgy, toodles.” And she disappeared leaving a pile of rose petals Cupid followed but not before shooting the stunned men a sympathetic glance.

     “Well, that was-“ the normally glib Cajun appeared lost for words.

     “Strange that's what it was.” Logan growled in reply. “Just what in the hell kind of mess have we gotten ourselves into?” he questioned aloud.

Chapter Six

     After spending a rather restless night taking turns guarding against more unwelcome intrusions of the godly sort and dealing with a body throbbing with unfulfilled desire he couldn't seem to shake. Logan found himself heading down to breakfast short on answers and even shorter of temper.

     Eating his breakfast in silence he contemplated the events of the last few days. Turning over the bits of information in his head Logan came to a decision. Instead of having indigestible bits and pieces and answers that just contained more questions thrown at them it was time to go hunting for some straight answers.

     He left his seat and sought out Joxer across the room. Interrupting him in mid sentence telling Gambit some improbable tale of his heroic adventures Logan began his search for answers. “Joxer, Remy and I had a couple of visitors last night. Aphrodite and Cupid again and she said that I was `house of war'. Do you have any idea what that means?” he questioned abruptly.

     “Um, well yeah the house of war consists of those dedicated to the arts of war including Erin goddess of discord and her son Strife, god of mischief, and it is headed by Ares god of war.” He said with air of someone quoting an oft-repeated lesson learned by rote. “It also includes demi gods sired by the house of war and warriors dedicated to its service.

     “What does that mean `dedicated to its service' exactly?” Logan asked.

     “My two brothers and I were dedicated at birth to Ares because our father was a warlord. He pledged our lives at the temple and made a vow to train us as warriors.” Joxer answered.

     He sat back in the chair that he'd taken at the table more frustrated than when he began.

     Remy seeing the signs of imminent explosion on his friend's face suggested quickly, “Maybe you should visit the temple, cher. Someone there could maybe answer your questions better?”

     “You could come with me. I always go to make an offering when I can and I am sure that the priests could answer your questions much better than I could.” Joxer said.

     “Let's go then.” Logan grumbled impatiently rising to his feet.

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