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Thar Be Elves: Chapter Two
I know this is short, but like I said I have had to fight with this for quite a while. Hopefully I will have more soon.

Chapter Two

     After dropping their bombshell on me Kethan had Tol'an escort me a bedchamber that had been prepared as soon as he announced that I was their catalyst. He had said that it would give me a chance think about the things that I had been told. Like that was the understatement of the year. I didn't believe I would be able to think about anything else. I was wrong.

     Tol'an left me at the door saying that the servants inside would assist me. I walked in and was completely surrounded by diminutive semi transparent beings led by a female who said, “Call me Hils.” And then proceeded to get rid of the rest and immediately rushed me in to the bathing chamber.

     Before I could catch my breath Hils had removed Tol'an's tunic, muttering under her breath something about irresponsible elves and had me into a tub of hot scented water. “Hils,” I said catching her attention. “I'm Erin and are you always so bossy.” I grinned letting her know I was teasing.

     She snorted. “You have to be bossy around here if you expect to get anywhere. If we let the Elves have their own way they would go to rack and ruin in a week.” She said this in the manner of a mother of a large brood of unruly children, half affectionate and half exasperated. I had to grin and catching sight of that she continued. “I see you already noticed they are not very practical.”

     I was utterly charmed. Hils reminded me a lot of my grandmother and I had to find out more. “So you take care of the Elves?” I questioned.

     “We take care of everybody and when we had access to your world we took care of quite a few humans as well. Your kind used to call us brownies and would leave us bowls of milk and such.” She snorted again. “Like we needed anything like that to do our duty.”

     “What is your duty?” I asked fascinated at the insight she was offering.

     “Haven't you been listening? To take care of them that can't take care of themselves. To make sure that their lack of common sense doesn't kill `em.” With that out of the way she urged me out of the bath and back into the main room after wrapping me in the softest bath sheet I had ever felt.

     Standing in the room with her hands on hips tapping her foot she asked. “Well?”

     “Well what?' I returned confused at this sudden changed of demeanor.

     She sighed. “What would you like to wear?” she asked as if speaking to a particularly slow child.

     “I'd like a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, but I don't have any clothes here.” I replied.
     Hils rolled her eyes. “You do know as soon as it was announced a whole wardrobe was prepared, even jeans, but they just won't do. You need something a bit more formal to attend the celebration.”

     I was dumbfounded. “I…I guess whatever you think is appropriate.” A whole wardrobe in less than an hour, I definitely wasn't in Kansas anymore.

     “Good choice.” Hils spoke approvingly and springing into action she open a set of huge doors that I hadn't noticed before and walked into the biggest closet I had ever seen. She brought out an armload of clothes and before I could blink was dressing me like a large doll. I was getting a little tired of this.

     “Hils slow down. I can dress myself.” I said a little angrily.

     “We don't have time for that.” She soothed not missing a beat in her efforts prepared me. “You need to get back and be introduced before some idiot takes it into their head that you are being rude.”

     I gave up I knew a lost cause when I saw one and before I could blink I was dressed in a green gown than came to mid calf and ushered back down to Kethan and Tol'an.

Chapter Three

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