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Anita Blake and Merry Gentry

The Stray R for Language Complete39K 
Nathaniel brings home a stray.

The Stray II NC-17 Work in Progress
Brad's story continues.

Things Change NC-17 Complete 72K 
Continuation from where NIC left off. Very sexual in content. Slash and multiple pairings. You've been warned.
This is a fairly long file and will take awhile to load on a dial-up connection.

Things Change for Shang Da and Jamil as well NC-17 Complete 9K
This story is a side bar to Things Change it was requested by more than a couple of readers to explain more in depth on the mention of the two men doing the nasty. This is the poor result. Warning Homoerotic content.

Aftermath PG. (so far)  Work in Progress
Sequel to Things Change. Some questions are answered

Merry Gentry: Again more of Laurrel K. Hamilton's wonderful work and my poor attempts to put my own spin on it.

Doyle's Delight: NC-17 Completed 2K
A short PWP from Doyle's point of view of his first time with Merry in a Caress of Twilight.
Attention: this is merely a scene from the book, A Caress of Shadows, rewritten in a different POV