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Chapter Four

     I'd intended to spend more time with Joxer, getting under his skin a little. When I realized that he'd gotten under my skin without even trying and I was on the verge of jumping him in front of my grandson… Well, let's just say a strategic retreat to regroup was called for.

     “Unc, stop smiling, you're scaring me.” The irritating, high-pitched voice of my nephew made me jump. Then it occurred to me that for the first time in a millennium I had been caught off guard. That immediately brought a scowl to my face.  

“Much better, Unc.”

     “Why are you bothering me? Do you have a death wish, Strife? I told you to stay out of my sight today.” I growled at my second in command, trying to deflect his attention away from my slip.

     “Chill Unc. Yeesh I was just worried about ya. You haven't seemed to be your normal self lately.” He said, taking a mock submissive posture.

     “What do you want Strife?” I asked wearily, tired of his dancing around whatever he was up to. The only times he invaded my privacy was when he had an agenda.

     “Well… You see… I…” he mumbled. Now this was definitely something different and the only time he ever acted this guilty before…

     “Strife,” I bellowed, “Did you have permission to start another civil war? You know I am building up Greece's forces for the coming Roman invasion.”

     He jumped, “No, I'mdatingyourson, Cupid.” He blurted out.

     I laughed, relieved. “Is that all?”

     “You're not mad?” He squeaked, standing up straight for the first time since he entered my temple.

     “Of course not. Cupid is an adult. Besides it means I won't have to listen to him moan and carry on about you ignoring him anymore.” I chuckled at the astonished look on his face. “The last time he talked to me, he said something about `tying you to a bed and screwing you senseless until you would listen to him.'” I watched in fascination as his normally corpse-like complexion turned a bright, screaming scarlet. “I see that he followed through with his threats.” I watched him squirm, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water, as he tried to reply. He was hysterically funny the god of mischief, normally a hyperactive talker, totally speechless.

     “Go on,” I said, making a dismissive gesture, “get out of here.” He winked out without another word passing his lips.

     My amusement slowly slipped away as I wondered why this mortal fascinated me so. I would normally ignore any of my mortal lovers unless I was with them. Even then they often couldn't keep my attention for any longer than it took for me to climax. I scanned myself looking for any insidious love spell or charms (contrary to popular belief we can find external influences from other gods if we look for them). I didn't find a damn thing.

     The mental tag I had placed on Cupid's temple to alert me to his return signaled his arrival home. I grinned to myself; time to go see Joxer again.

Chapter Five