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Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine

     I watched my mortal sleep away his exhaustion as a rare moment of contentment stole over me. The dissatisfaction that had haunted me was gone and I found myself grinning like a fool. A soft chuckle escaped me as I thought of the reactions of Discord and Strife if they could see me now. I lightly traced the marks I had left on Joxer's skin a deep feeling of possession overwhelming me. He was mine now and he was going to stay mine.

     I reluctantly left my lover as I felt my son appear in the great hall. “Cupid,” I asked as I sat on my throne, “what brings you here?”

     “Joxer does. He's fragile right now and I feel kinda responsible for him.” Cupid stated shifting uneasily.

     How dare he think I would mistreat Joxer I thought scowling at my son. “He's fine,” I stated shortly.

     “Well I…” he began.

     “See for yourself.” I interrupted; I created a mirror showing Joxer sleeping a slight smile on his face, making sure that he wasn't exposed to my son's sight. “Now if you have assured yourself that I haven't mistreated him, you can go.” I dismissed him absently.
     My attention was drawn away from my son as I stared at the picture that Joxer presented curled up in my bed. I felt an urgent desire to return to his side and hold him in my arms as he slept.

     “You-you're in love.” Cupid stuttered gazing at his father in abject shock.

     “Don't be ridiculous,” I said scowling at my son and ignoring the little voice in my head that agreed with him. “you've obviously been working too hard.”

     “Hello, love god here, I know love and you got it bad, real bad.” Cupid retorted a smug little smile on his face.

     I pointed towards the doors of my temple and gave my son his marching orders, “out, now.” I watched as Cupid disappeared and my thoughts turned to back to Joxer.

     Did I love him? As much as struggled against the idea it just wouldn't leave me alone. The mirror I had created to show Cupid that Joxer was fine caught my eye and as I watched Joxer's hand reach out searching for me and a slight frown appear on his sleeping countenance the image sent a jolt revelation through me. I didn't ever want to make him unhappy and I would cheerfully destroy anyone who did.


     I didn't want to wake up I was having the most marvelous dream, but the sensations running through my body demanded it. I opened my eyes expecting to find myself curled up on the ground or some flea infested Inn. As quickly as I opened them I closed them. I was still dreaming was the only explanation for it.

     A husky chuckle caught my ear and a soft pair of lips nuzzled my neck as a hard body stroked in and out of mine. “Does this feel like a dream to you?”

     Ares thrust deeply drawing a gasp of pleasure from me as his strokes deepened from the soft shallow movements that had awakened me. “N-n-no.” I stuttered as my brain turned to mush with the pleasure.

     “Ares?” I gasped out my hips jerking back and forth as he hit my prostate.

     “You where expecting someone else?” he growled as the pace of his thrusts increased.

     I couldn't answer I had lost the power of speech. The only thing my brain (and the rest of me) was interested was the exquisite sensation of his hard cock driving in and out of my ass.  

Chapter Ten