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Chapter Eight

     As I felt the hot, wet pulsation of come that Ares pumped into me my eyes rolled back in my head and the world grayed out around me.

     Coming back to myself moments, or hours later, I don't know. I felt my god's cock still hard within my shaking body. He was stroking and soothing my body with long strokes of his sword calloused hands. As I steadied under that confident, sure touch he began to stroke into me again. Listening to the wet sucking noises this generated I felt my cock come to attention yet again.

     I heard a soft, pleasure filled laugh and he spoke, “Ready for more I see.”

     He pulled out of my body moving me to protest the loss of his body in mine. “No, don't stop.”

     “I have no intention of stopping. Now that you've been loosened up a little I want to fuck you face to face. I want to watch your face as you come this time.” He said urging me to turn on to my back.

     I rolled over my legs splaying widely, displaying my stretched hole and hard cock for his eyes. I stared deep into the depths of those dark eyes and watched as they darkened further at this sight. He dove down toward me his cock unerringly finding its way home and his lips locking tight to mine.

     The wide mushroom head and the thick shaft I could barely wrap my fingers around plunged deeply. It caused my body to arch forcing him ever deeper. I sucked eagerly at his probing tongue as it invaded my mouth.

     Hooking my knees over his shoulders he lifted me on to his lap changing the angle of his thrusts. He was hitting a spot in my body that had me spasming and gasping for breath. Each stroke felt like a miniture orgasm without actually coming, he was tireless. I lost track of how many times we climaxed again and again. It felt so good I didn't ever want to stop, but my body had other ideas I was shaking and trembling my muscle control was gone I don't think I could have moved if the bed was on fire. He gathered me into his arms as I was sucked down in to a dreamless sleep.

Chapter Nine