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Chapter Ten

     There was, I discovered, a downside to being the mortal lover of a god. The main one being that no mortal could match the stamina of a god. If Ares hadn't been called away to deal with `unruly Spartans' I might have been the first person to ever die of too much sex.

     As I dressed in the clothes left for me by my godly lover the slight ache in my body reminded me of Ares' lovemaking and the unexpected care he had taken in healing me whenever my body had protested the new uses it had been subjected to. I could feel the grin that threatened to crack my face as I thought of those uses.

     “Hey dude.” The sound of Cupid's voice started me out of my self-absorbed daze. I felt myself flushing under his knowing gaze as he caught sight of the marks Ares had left showing his passion and staking his claim.

     “Hi Cupid.” I replied feeling a bit shy.

     “I just wanted to check on you.” Said cupid uncharacteristically serious and concerned.

     “I'm great, uh good…fine.” I stuttered a little unnerved by his concern.

     Cupid smiled gently and said. “I wanted to make sure that being here is what you want I don't stop by just to keep an eye on your for Mom, Joxer I like you and Bliss adores you.”

     “Thanks.” I answered amazed at his concern, “being with Ares is something I've never dared dream about. I have always loved him as my god, but as I come to know more about him as a person I find more and more that I not only worship him I genuinely like him.


     “I know Cupid had to feel it when I appeared in my temple, but he didn't let Joxer know by word or deed. As I eavesdropped shamelessly as Joxer told Cupid about his feeling for me. I found myself grinning as he told my son that he not on loved me as his god, but like me.

     It caught me off guard this urge to smile witlessly. I have been known and despised for many things most of them violent and bloody, but never for smiling like a fool.

     “I'm glad to hear it, Joxer.” I said walking into the room. Turning my gaze on my son I repeated my earlier instructions. “You, Out.”

     I felt strangely hesitant and indecisive. I had the ever present need to jump on Joxer and stake my claim once again. But I also found myself wanting to explore the idea of his `liking' me.

     I observed the look in his eyes I wanted to plunge into his mind and explore the unspoken promises I could see written in their depths. At the same time I found myself reluctant to invade his mind without his knowledge.


     Ares held out his hand and I set my own safely within his grasp. Safe, that's a strange word to use in conjunction with the god of war but it was how I felt with him, safe and protected.

     As he drew me out into the ever-present Olympian sunshine the comfortable silence between us remained unbroken. He led me to a small glade drawing me down to sit between his legs as he rested against the trunk of a tree seemingly content just to hold me cradled in his embrace.

The End
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